New Zealand/Government February 2011

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Ministry Position Minister Party
Office of the Prime Minister Prime Minister Koska de STRAH Party-Aotearoa.png A
Deputy kurojca Party-Aotearoa.png A
Ministry of Finance Minister of Finance IvanMilitic Party-Kiwi Social Democrats.png KSD
Deputy Kemis Party-Aotearoa.png A
Ministry of Education Minister of Education mcmoox Party-Taranaki Tribe.jpg TT
Deputy Baumeister PnPP.jpg PnPP
Ministry of the Wiki Minister of the Wiki Vacant Icon position party member.gif N/A
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Minister of Foreign Affairs WelshLad Party-Kiwi Independent Party.jpg KIP
Deputy Nenad_147 Party-Aotearoa.png A
Deputy Spud of Doom PnPP.jpg PnPP
Ministry of Internal Affairs Minister of Foreign Affairs Jockaye Party-Aotearoa.png A
Deputy Benatjanin Party-Aotearoa.png A
Ministry of Defence Minister of Defence loader Party-Aotearoa.png A
Deputy Crusadercarl PnPP.jpg PnPP
Ministry of Mining Exploration and Waste of Time Minister of Mining Exploration and Waste of Time Uros Psyco Nikolic Party-Aotearoa.png A