New Zealand/Government October 2010

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Department Position Minister Party
Office of the Prime Minister Prime Minister Myles Robinson -
Deputy Bass Junkie -
Deputy Crusadercarl -
Department of Foreign Affairs Minister for Foreign Affairs Azaret -
Deputy Indrae -
Envoy to the Phoenix Alliance Collinar -
Envoy to the EDEN Alliance Frymonmon -
Department of Immigration Minister of Immigration Carr de Vaux -
Deputy Arjay Phoenician -
ATO Director Fionia -
Advertisement Director Discrate1 -
Department of Education Minister of Education Artorius Perim -
Deputy & Wiki Director Mikhail Alexander -
Department of Defense Minister of Defense Bradley Reala -
Chief of the Defense Force kyle321n -
CO, Home Division Othere Salvatore -
CO, Mobile Division Cloyd Wallis -
Military Advisor Callumh123 -
Department of Finance Minister of Finance Necros Xiaoban -
Deputy Venta -
Minister of Trade Devoid -
Deputy James Rellori -
Department of Communication Minister of Public Information WahooBob -
Minister of Fun and Sheep Sir Terrifico -