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Nick Jones

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Nationality Flag-South Africa.jpg South African
National rank 133
Date of birth July 24, 2009
Residence Kwazulu Natal
Political party S.A Development Party
Ambassador to Mexico of South Africa
Dec 2009 –
Preceded by seisan
Succeeded by Eg
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Africa
July 2010 – August 2010
Deputy Minister of Information of South Africa
September 2010 –
Deputy Minister of Finance of South Africa
September 2010 –
Military rank Icon rank Colonel*.png Colonel*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Originally an ignorant child, Mr. Jones had a rough start in the new World.

Having to beg to get to Berlin just to heal and then came the PTO of Germany that presented a move to Hungary. From there he was contacted by a gentleman who planned to PTO South Africa so Mr. Jones played along. Once there he showed that he was not the average PTO underling. After the attempt failed Mr. Jones played along and became fast friends with Phillip Esquire but it was cut short by Mr. Esquires Passing. from there he join Kaiser Alex and his party and not much became of it.

From there Mr. Jones joined Gold Party headed by Enoch Root where he slowly became a respected Gold Party member and won a congress election as well. Days before a CP PTO Mr. Jones went on a tour of the World but cut his trip short and fled to Germany. From there Mr. Jones chose to rejoin his friends in exile and aided in regaining South Africa. Mr. Jones then joined Progressive Party of South Africa under the leadership of Hamilton Moore, a good friend of Mr. Jones.Mr. Jones would gain another congress seat and be selected by Stryke Blayde as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs under Seisan.

In July PP elections Mr. Jones was cheated being PP of PPSA and Join NPSA under Champinator. Mr. Jones grew tired and frustrated with all the PTO that he had suffered so he decided to close the book on South Africa resigned Aug 1st and left SA for Canada. Mr. Jones after fighting for the lolz with TCO he returned to S. Africa and has become Deputy Minister of Information for the September Term.

Mr Jones was an ambassador for SA for 6 months serving Mexico, Austria, Thailand, Moldova, Germany and Romania

He has returned in September and has been Deputy Minister of Information and Deputy Minister of Finance Ambassador to Mexico and Iran.