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Nationality Flag-UK.jpg British
National rank 5
Date of birth 10/5/2009
Residence London
Sex Female
Political party The Unity Party
Faith Atheist
Congressman of United Kingdom
June 15th 2012 – Present
TUP Family
June 19th 2012 –
Preceded by Dan Moir
Military unit TUP Family
Military rank Icon rank Private.png World Class Force ***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Niemand started in May 10, 2009 to play in the Netherlands. After the merge with Belgium failed she alienated from the Netherlands. She went to Belgium. Not much fun she had there either and moved to UK. Interest was gone and she stopped playing in the spring 2010. On a real life eRepublik meeting in Brussels (February 5, 2011) people asked her to play again and vote in the elections for president in Belgium. She reactivated her account and went to Belgium, got citizenship and helped LeValeureuxLiegeois win the presidential elections.

She went back to the UK and joined The Unity Party. After some time as 2 clicker she got more involved in UK politics. Main focus is help for new players, a stronger nation and a nice community.

She became commander of TUP Family, one of the strongest military units of the UK in June 2012.