Norman Ashcroft

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Dead citizen

Norman Ashcroft

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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth 2 June 2011
Date of death 22 July 2011
Residence Flag-UK.jpgScotland
Sex Male
Newspaper The Florist
Ambassador of UK
July 2011 –
Military rank Icon rank Major.png Major
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Norman Ashcroft was Ambassador, Amateur Politician, Secretary, and Spam Artist as well the official journalist for the Every Single One Political Party. In addition, Norman was member of the UK Royal Navy, showing his commitment through his activity on both the IRC and on the Forums.

Early Life

Norman Ashcroft was born on Day 1290 of the New World in Glasgow, Scotland. He was an extremely quick developer and joined the UK Forums and the IRC the next day. When he finally arrived at Lv. 13 and joined the ESO party, he was surprised to find that many members, including Elle Roslin, already knew him. It was then that it dawned upon him that he was actually the re-incarnation of Oliver Fox Selwyn, a former party-member and renowned citizen until his lethal accident on Day 1289. Armed with this new-found knowledge (and his predecessor's IRC Nick), Norman quickly became popular and well-loved by the party, eventually assuming the role of Journalist once again.

Former Life

Norman Ashcroft's predecessor, Oliver Fox Selwyn, was born on March 16, 2010 in Washington, USA. He lived as a Hobo on the streets of Seattle for the first week of his life, but soon found a land working job and a home. Not soon after, a Brit by the name of Asher Di Immortales gave him some assistance (assistance which likely kept him in the game) and convinced Olly to move to London, UK. It was there that Oliver reached lv. 13 and was allowed to join a political party and he quickly chose The Unity Party due to their kindness in his time of need. Unfortunately, events in another world called Real Life prevented Olly from becoming anything more that just a two-clicker. And just as he was about to break the two-click habit,V2 happened. The changes in the New World were so drastic, that Olly was driven to insanity and Rage Quit.

One year later, Oliver returned to Erepublik and found that the changes had died down some and decided to stay. He became a businessman, and quickly amassed a small fortune through his weapons factories and Money Market Speculating. In addition, he also joined the Royal Navy and served on the HMS John F Baker.

It was during this period that he discovered and joined the Every Single One party. Olly almost immediately became friends with The_Grump, who was the Party President at the time. He then volunteered to write the ESO Weekly Round-Up for the party, and began to become well-known by other party members and UK citizens. This all led to his decision to run for Parliament in his chosen (and favored) region of Scotland in the April Congressional Elections. But fate decided otherwise, as the Canadians chose that time to invade and take Scotland and, in effect, ruin Olly's opportunity. The_Grump still talked to him about running in London as a wildcard, but Oliver decided to let other ESO candidates have a chance and pulled out of the runnings.

One week later, Oliver had a horrible accident involving two elephant seals, a package of fig newtons, and a motorized desk chair. He was pronounced dead on June 1st, 2011, Day 1289 of the New World

The Military Weeks

Norman, driven by some unknown instinct, joined the Royal Navy almost as soon as he was born. However, his CO, Kdoggroundtwo, did extensive research and discovered Norman's true identity, but upon informing Norman of his discovery, he was not believed. Norman was then stationed on the HMS Kdoggroundtwo as an Able Rate until the scuttling of the fleet, which destroyed his hopes of being named Captain of the Kdogg. Since then, he has been an active member of the Navy, silently searching for opportunities to prove himself.

Royal Navy Service MedalSecond Great British WarUK-Terra 5th Great WarSecond Irish Invasion

Party Time

Norman was an influential member of the ESO party and has always worked for its advancement. He was writing the Weekly-Round up, and helped recruit and advise new players/members. He joined the ESO due to its beliefs in the power of every individual, and that each person could help the eUK in their own unique way. Norman has seen the administrations of four Party Presidents (Artela, The_Grump, Jamesw, and Gambit8) and was most active during the Grump's leadership as well as Gambit's leadership. He started a run in the July 2011 Party President Elections, but decided to drop out to support Daeres and due to a large workload that month.

Ministry Man

Norman was an Assistant in the Ministry of Home Affairs and has served for two months. He was also the British Ambassador to South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay,Uruguay) and South Africa. He served in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under Daeres.


He was a devout believer in Spamican Bobloism and was the first Bobloist to have joined the Spamican Church though the initiation rites set forth by John F Baker. He was accepted into the Church on June 23, 2011 or Day 1311 of the New World. Norm has already managed to spam the entirety of the BBH forums once with a message proclaiming that "Cyborch is Shit and Hail Boblo". He was also learning from Invalidation in the dark arts of spam.