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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
National rank 168
Date of birth March 10th, 2009/ Day 476
Date of death June 2012
Residence Quebec
Sex Male
Political party EPIC
Congress of Northwest Territories
25th of May – 25th of July
Congress of New Brunswick
25th of August – 25th of September
Party president of Canadian Social Democrats
June 15th – August 5th
Preceded by Trenton Rendell
Succeeded by Sperry
Speaker of Congress of Canada
30th of August – September 17th
Preceded by Goran Thrax
Succeeded by Hyamora Palaschuk
Party president of Canadian Social Democrats
October 15th, 2009 – December 15th, 2009
Preceded by Trenton Rendell
Succeeded by Zblewski
Vice president of Canada
December 5th, 2009 –
Preceded by Derek Harland
Military unit Independent Legion
Military rank Icon rank Private.png World Class Force *
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Nosyt was an eCanadian citizen who quit the game in June 2012. The eCanadian community mourned for days, and some are still mourning his departure. He was voted most popular eCanadian in George Beeman's Popularity Contest of March-April 2011.

Early Life

Born on day 476 of the new world in his real life residence New Brunswick, Nosyt spent his first few months as a noob getting acquainted with the game mechanics. He discovered the eCanadian forums the first day he was born, but was terribly forum shy, and seldom used them. The Canadian Ministry of Immigration suggested he move to Ontario in order to fight in the war against France. Unfortunately, Operation French Toast had just come to an end, and there where no more battles. Eventually, Nosyt relocated to the Northwest Territories, for the sake of being different. In April he created his first organization (the Pangean Foundation) which housed his first Q1 Grain company. At the same time, he departed from Canada for a period of 2 weeks to fight and train in Romania.

Political Career

Nosyt began his political career by joining the Royal Feudalist Party in April, in order to make the aid in passing the congressional transparency act. He chose the RFP because it was a decently small party where he felt his voice would be heard, and it had a cool name. He quickly realized that small political parties had little influence on politics, and when he returned from Romania, instead of rejoining the RFP, he joined his second choice, the Canadian Social Democrats.

He quickly made good friends in the CSD, such as Dabman, Duke Leto, Trenton Rendell, and Cleomynestra Cathak, which made him decide to stay with the CSD. When the congressional transparency act in early May, he wasn't sure whether he was still interested in politics or not. After much thought, he decided to place his congress candidature, and applied for the Canadian Armed Forces at the same time, with the intent of joining regular service had he lost the election. He won his first congress seat in the Northwest Territories that month with 5 votes. Once he was a member of congress, his forum activity increased substantially, and he became an active member of eCanadian Society. He then won a second term in June, but lost his seat during the attempted Hungarian take over in July, though he was made a congressional delegate for that month. In August he was elected to congress in New Brunswick, and was also elected as the Speaker of Congress for that term. However, he was unable to complete his term, due to some serious RL issues. In October he ran for congress in newly liberated Saskatchewan, but lost by one vote.

With no candidates running, and encouragement from Dabman, Nosyt decided to run for Party President in June. He won this election, in addition to his re-election in July and continued to serve as CSD PP until Canada was conquered by France in August. During his time as party president, the CSD moved forums twice, and became Canada's one and only transparent political party. The party also experience 2 temporary name changes. During the Hungarian TO in July, the party was known as "Join the CGP or the CPP" in an attempt to divert members from the bigger party to the smaller ones's, and prevent the Huns from running their own candidates with their own party. Before fleeing the country from after the battle of Ontario, the party was renamed "The Kelly Mahoney Fan club" for the lulz. He then retired from party presidency in order to concentrate more on his schoolwork, and after a forum vote, Sperry was chosen as a successor, and the gold raised by the party members was sent to him in order to recreate the party in Canada when the time was right. Nosyt ran for Party President again in October, and in what was the closest election in CSD history, he won presidency by 4 votes, and is currently serving as Party President once again.

Military Career

Nosyt joined the Canadian Armed Forces in May 2009, and has continued to be an active member since then. He began as a private in the 20th Omega Reserves lead by Marcchelala, and fought in countless battles for the defense and liberation of Canada and her allies during the Great War of 2009. In September he transferred to Regular Service, and became a private in the 10th Royal Canadian Hussars platoon lead by Anthony Martin. He served in a mission to Scandinavia when Russia and the UK invaded Sweden, Finland, and Norway,. He then transferred back to the reserves in order to return to politics, and currently serves as a private in the 20th Omega Reserves.


Nosyt is known to change avatars in-game and on the forums frequently, though he always uses the same anime character, Syaoran. Here's some of the avatars he's used:



Because it just isn't Nosyt without the ~hyuu~ ~hyuu.jpg