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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Ny Framtid
Logo of Ny Framtid
Owner Graytuna
Country Flag-Sweden.jpg Sweden
Headquarters Svealand
Subsidiaries Ny Generation, Expansionsprogrammet]
Founded January 2009
Founders Graytuna, QWERTY95, Swedencitizen
Industries Education,Migration , New Players and Progress
Services Offering support for new players, progress and new ideas in Sweden
Website http://erepublik.se/viewforum.php?f=207

Ny Framtid (Eng. New Future) was an organization in Sweden working non profit with support for new players, expansion, migration and progress.

Founded in January 2010 by Graytuna, SwedenCitizen and QWERTY95. The organisation run the newspaper Framtidens Nyheter. Ny Framtid was working with two projects - Ny Generation and Expansionsprogrammet (EP).

The organisation and its work was dependent on donations and give-aways.


The background of the organisation "Ny Framtid" is very simple. Ever since the government of Sweden abandoned and shut down the organisation Migrationsverket (that worked with migration and recruiting new playrs), things have started to go backwards.

The founders of "Ny Framtid" were among the most experienced, skilled and best of the people working within the area for new players and development.

Graytuna served as a minister of immigration for several months, and founded Utbildningsverket. QWERTY95 worked hard within Utbildningsverket and within many other projects and is a master when it comes to IRC - and last but not least SwedenCitizen, minister of education, at the moment lead the work of Utbildningsverket.

The lack of coordinated and efficient work within the sector of "New players and migration" resulted in the foundation of "Ny Framtid". By combining their forces, experiences and skills - the founders of Ny Framtid were convinced that it's possible to succeed with the work for Sweden, it growth and new players!


  • Take over the work of the now abandoned Migrationsverket.
  • Work for cooperation, efficiency and progress within the sector for new players.
  • Use the combined forces, experiences and resources from the founders to do some good in Sweden!


Ny Generation

The logo of Ny Generation

Way to many newbies leave the game and Sweden due to a late or/and bad start. A bad start will most likely lead to a simple "goodbye eRepublik" result.

Ny Framtid was determined to fight for sustainable development and growth with this project! They focused the resources on a small number of individuals and helped them as much as possible.

Success was possible because:

  • A small bunch of newbies will be better known than a big bunch of many new players!
  • Focused the resources and work - for efficiency!
  • Neutral within party-politics

Expansionsprogrammet - (EP)


Expanisonsprogrammet (English: The Expansion Program) was a project started by Ny Framtid. The purpose was to kind of replace the former Migrationsverket and work for a higher rate of migration and a big babyboom in eSweden. The project strived for expansion and new players were vital when it comes to that.


  • Recruiting-campaigns in forums
  • Guiding and helping new players to other parts of Sweden (Other organisations and areas)
  • Act as one of the most important platforms for the organisation Ny Framtid.