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Dead citizen

Okkius Pyromanius

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Nationality Flag-Finland.jpg Finnish
Date of birth 23 September 2008
Date of death 2011 (est)
Residence Aland, Finland
Minister of Information of Finland
07 January 2009 – 05 February 2009
Preceded by Gabriel Lavanche
Succeeded by Gabriel Lavanche
Minister of Defence of Finland
08 January 2009 – 05 March 2009
Preceded by Scadens
Succeeded by Sossu
06 July 2009 – 05 August 2009
Preceded by Mokkero
Succeeded by Avec
Congress member of Finland
25 December 2008 – 05 March 2009
25 July 2009 – 25 August 2009
President of Finland
06 March 2009 – 05 April 2009
Preceded by Erwin Schauman
Succeeded by Simppa
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland
07 April 2009 – N/A
Preceded by Erwin Schauman
Succeeded by Scadens
Minister of Education of Finland
07 April 2009 – N/A
Preceded by Kuhaa
Succeeded by Kuhaa
Congress member of Japan
25 April 2009 – 25 June 2009
Vice president of Finland
06 July 2009 – 13 August 2009
Preceded by nanton
Succeeded by nanton
Ambassador of Spain
10 June 2009 – 10 August 2009
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel*.png Lt Colonel*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

The Birth

It was 23.9.2008 when all the dark light gathered into a spiral and a creature was born. That creature was given a name and a place in the eRepublik world. That name was Okkius Pyromanius and that place was Guayana, Venezuela.

Okkius in his younger days, trying to solve the meaning of life.
It was the time when the Great Finnish Rush had almost ended and Finland was coming to existence once again. Okkius worked in a house-factory making his living and earning the sum for a seat in a plane heading to the Finnish independence war. Arrival happened in November and this young private fought for his mother country. After the independence, officially stated 6.12.08, the hard times began. Okkius was in very bad condition and wandered the streets of Southern Finland for days without a job and a home to go to pleading money from strangers. Things, however, stabilized in Finland and Okkius settled a nice home and got a job. He started building high-quality hospitals in a government company.

Political Birth and Career

It was just before the congress-elections in 25.12.2008 when Okkius joined the media and the political scene. He joined Red Jihad, a party that gave him the freedom to express himself politically and otherwise as well, and started to publish a newspaper, The Vision of Truth. He came to the knowledge of Finnish citizens by the power of philosophical thinking and commencing the way of the zen. For example, this article consisted a wondering of the relation between a man and his eRepublik account.

Okkius made his way to the Congress of Finland in December and thus started his political career. His long run for presidency started at the beginning of the year 2009, from Red Jihad. However, he didn't make it closer than the last place. He still managed to get 24 votes even when his party had 18 members.

Weird things happened in the government and Okkius was called to substitute the Minister of Information due to a business-travel around 6.-8.1.09. And after the cryptic disappearance of the Minister of Defence Okkius extended his devotion to Finland and collected the title of MoD as well. He honorably served as a double-minister the January-season and was re-elected to Congress.

Okkius had rough years in politics. An anti-LEP (Liberaali Edistyspuolue) act was born at the end of that season in the form of a party alliance of Red Jihad, Sininen Puolue and Isänmaallinen Kansallispuolue. Okkius was chosen to represent that act and he runs for president in 5.2.09 all three parties supporting him. It was the closest elections so far in the history of Finland, and Okkius was beaten by Erwin Schauman with a difference of 26 votes. Okkius continued working for the Finnish nation and was called for the position of Minister of Defence for the second time. During his term, he developed the organization of the Finnish army, the NTJ-force (Rapid Reaction Force) and led them to a few glorious victories with ATLANTIS. On the side of his political life, he continued publishing his zen-philosophical newspaper pondering on a variety of issues and their relation to the game.

After serving as a second term as the Minister of Defence and elected to the Congress for the third time collecting the 2nd most of the votes, Okkius was asked to run for the presidency from LEP. Okkius really wanted to try that position again and started working on the longest manifesto in the history of Finnish presidency-campaigns. 5.3.09 was the date of the thriller. Okkius was chosen to be the president of Finland over Engram, with just four vote-difference. His long run for the presidency was over and the peak of his political career had started.

The Owl President

Citizen1192481 v3.jpg
Okkius was the fourth Finnish president in the form of an animal: Ape (Ape), Scadens (Monitor Lizard), Erwin Schauman (Arctic Fox). Okkius started his season by appointing two new ministers and formed the biggest cabinet in the history of Finland. He also was creating the HTJ, a voting and fighting division under the government's organization and funding. During his term, the massive recruit-program started, the bonds between Scandinavia tightened (especially with Norway), Finland joined the war between Croatia and Serbia, a gun factory under the government's rule was established. The highpoint of Okkius's presidency was the last 60 minutes of his term. He woke up on Monday 6.4.2009 and realized that Finland is going to have a PEACE-controlled neighbor in about an hour. Extremely quick negotiations were held with Norway's and Romanian's representatives and it was decided that ATLANTIS need to have the Russian regions of Norway (Moscow, Leningrad Oblast, Urals, Volga-Vyatva, North Caucasus) under their control. Finland and Norway swapped Moscow and Leningrad Oblast and since Romanian president was not online and the country was blocked by Hungary it was decided that Romania will attack the rest of the regions and take them by force later. It was also realized that Russia could annex Norway so Nord-Norge had to be taken under Finland's custody for security reasons. Norway was secured in the hands of ATLANTIS to be later set free from the evil hands of Hungarian terrorists.

After the Presidency

Okkius had rough years in politics.
Okkius declared his retirement from politics but not only did he fooled the citizens of Finland, but he also fooled himself. The new president and a rather new and scant cabinet were under a lot of stress from the situation in Norway and even though Okkius's former cabinet agreed on helping them out outside governmental positions Okkius saw that it was his duty to help Finland the best way he could. He applied for the cabinet and was chosen to be the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Education for his knowledge of the game and wide foreign network.

Journey to the Land of Geisha and Samurai

Okkius was utterly disappointed to the political scene of Finland so he decided to travel and settle Japan with his good friends from Finland. Their movement was called the Order of Zen and it got some attention in Japan, not a very good one at first though. A handful from the group was elected to Japanese congress in April, Okkius being one of them. Okkius also founded a new religion in Japan, called Zhonjyin-Clarifism[1]. The religion concentrated around meditation, general awareness and calmness, and searching for the ultimate truth with the possibility of never actually finding it. It was after this journey that Okkius saw it was his time to step back from the game for a few months.


Okkius had enormous schedule-related problems with the game, so he decided to go for the two buttons for about two months and said farewell to the Finnish society. Okkius was out from the picture for pretty much both May and June and then returned safely.

New, Refreshed Okkius Pyromanius?

Okkius was back, and he was back big time. He got the job of Ambassador to Spain from Finland and was chosen to be the Vice-President and the Minister of Defence of Finland and was elected to the Congress of Finland in July. So there was a time when he had four (!) political jobs at the same time. He fully delivered and was chosen to be the Vice-President of Finland for the second time in a row, in August. Sadly, this was too much for an eRcoholic...

The End

Okkius did not manage, he saw he was too addicted to life in eRepublik so he decided to stop eating, training and playing. A revelation that shocked the Finnish media and society. 13.8, the day that Okkius declared his retirement of life was chosen to be his memorial day. Okkius did not die entirely though, the Finnish society kept him alive by force-feeding the poor, burnout elder. A gesture that Kuhaa describes being same as "placing flowers on a grave".

The Bet, Lavanche's 500 "Multis" and a Love for One Another

After the second Finnish eRepublik-meeting which Okkius attended (pale as a dead politician), Okkius dared his good friends from the game to collect a 500 name-address signing for his comeback. Lavanche did what was told and got 500 accounts to sign the comeback of Okkius Pyromanius. Okkius found himself from a tough situation: He promised himself never to rejoin the game but he also promised he would return if the address was fully completed. As a tribute to the people who wanted him back, Okkius wrote an article with a puzzled mind and pen. He performed a comeback, a second comeback.

Twisted and Tired Elder

It has become quite obvious that the personality of Okkius Pyromanius isn't the sanest one. The unstable Finnish, old-school politician who can't form decisions that will hold joined the game only partially, although he got himself a temporary job from the Finnish army as a group leader of the Rapid Deployment Force (Nopean Toiminnan Joukot). Being too inactive, he had to leave the job after one month.

During his absence, Okkius was chosen to be the National Hero of Finland. The life of this emotional tornado will continue unsteady for a while. We shall see when the next page of the history of Okkius Pyromanius will be written, or will it be written at all...