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This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

This page contains tips'n'tricks for new eRepublik players, it's published for the first time in 007 weekly.

  1. Read tutorial!
  2. Go to work and train every day, in this way you'll get Hard worker medal every 30 days (it's worth 5 gold!) and you'll do more damage in battles.
  3. Fight every day you can, and go to Q5 hospital after that for healing!
  4. Not every region has Q5 hospital - but almost every country has at least one region with Q5 hospital.
  5. Buy weapons if you can, but don't spend money in first month on Q5 guns, Q1 is quite sufficient for a few first months.
  6. Check occasionally job market, maybe you can get more for your work elsewhere. If you are lazy, ask your employer for better paycheck.
  7. First month work only in one field: Manufacturing, Land or Constructions.
  8. You can quit the job in more then one way:
    1. Resign after 3 days (meaning 72 hours to the minute)
    2. Resign immediately if the company does not have the necessary amount of money in the accounts to pay your salary
    3. Resign immediately if the company does not have enough Raw Materials in stock on order to allow you to work
    4. Ask your boss to fire you

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