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This page has been saved as historical information from V1.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

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War page.JPG

Here you can see the name, flag and allies of the attacker and defending country. The number of allies are shown under each country, and by pressing the drop-down menu, you can view the names of the allies.

The attacker is shown in the left.

If you see "no active battles" then no battles are currently being fought in that war.

Additionally, you can access the list of ended battles and detailed statistics.

Active battles

Information - region name, time until region can be occupied (with gray normally, with red if it is in the last 15 minutes), the value of the defense over the overall value, battlefield link (link to the Battle page).

Retreat button - available just for the Presidents. Not available for resistance wars. When clicked:

"Are you sure you want to retreat from the battle of (name of region)?"

Once the president confirms the retreat, the battle on that region is ended and he should see a message in the war page:

"The Battle for (region name) ended because you decided to retreat your troops"

There is no need for congress approval, the gold payed for attacking is not refunded when retreating, the effect is an instant ending of the battle and the enemy is considered victorious receiving the control of the region.

When the president clicks on "Attack" button, he should be get a confirmation message:

"Do you want to attack this region? Yes/No"

The message after he clicks Yes, and the battle stars should be:

"Battle for (name of region) started"

Attackable regions

This is a list of regions that can be attacked (can be viewed by anyone).

How it works checking what regions are available to open in a war:

Suppose that country A is the attacker and country B is the defender:

  • Case 1: we are in the first 24 hours from the moment A declared war to B
    • Country A can attack
  • Case 2: the first 24 hours have passed.
    • Case 2.1: there are active battles in the war
      • the attacker in active battles can attack other regions also
    • Case 2.2: there are no active battles in the war
      • Case 2.2.1: there are closed battles in that war
        • Case there are more than 24 hours since last battle was closed
          • anyone can attack
        • Case there are less than 24 hours since last battle was closed
          • the winner of the last closed battle can attack
      • Case 2.2.2: there are no battles at all in that war
        • anyone can attack

The president can choose a region to be attacked if:

  • the region is bordering one of attackers region.
  • the region cannot be already attacked in the same war.

People will see: region name, text "Attackable on President's decision" and defense power.

If you are a president of one of the 2 countries and you see an enemy region that can be attacked you will see the info: Region name, cost to attack, defense power, Attack button.

Costs is 50 Gold plus 25% of the population in the enemy region – this fee is also used for starting Resistance Wars. When attacking a region there is no need to ask for congress approval and automatically that region is considered a battle. Also the gold is taken from the country's treasury (if not enough money, alert: Not enough Gold in your country's treasury) and a message "Battle started" received.

Also, if a country is defending in an opened battle, it cannot make any attacks in any wars it is involved in.

Ended battles

Ended battles.JPG

Here you view the list of ended battles:

  • Region name
  • Text: "(Attacking Country) has conquered (name of region)" or "(Defending Country) has secured (name of region)"
  • Date
  • Link to the battle page

War details

War details.JPG

This is a list of the countries from one side of the war (including allies) presenting the number of Fights and total Damage for each of the involved country of that side and the total of that alliance.

  • When there are no active battles in the war, you see this message:

"There are no active battles in this war."

  • When there are no finished battles in the war, if you click on "Finished battles" link you see the following message:

"There are no finished battles in this war."

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