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Icon-Canada.png Canada

Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Ontario
Map of the region
Capital Toronto
Language English
Moving zone A2
Last update '
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Ontario is a region of Canada. It is the capital of Canada.

The capital of Canada was moved from Ottawa to Iqaluit during the USA-Canada War but was moved back in early 2009. Ontario was occupied by France on August 6 during the PEACE Global Community's advancement on the continent during the Summer of 2009. Canadians liberated the region on August 31, 2009.

Ontario re-gained the status of the capital of Canada after Quebec was taken over by France in late 2010 during a war.


Ontario is neighbored by following regions:


The following lists the known Mayors of the region:

Date Term Began Mayor Party
21 December 2008 Dascoo The Canadian Workers League
21 January 2008 Dascoo The Canadian Workers League
21 February 2008 Unknown Unknown
21 March 2008 Tom Hagen Canadian Paradox Party
21 April 2008 Mortimer Jenkins The Canadian Nationalist Party
21 May 2008 Uraczak The Norsefire Party of Canada
21 June 2008 Uraczak The Norsefire Party of Canada
21 July 2008 Keochti Canadian Paradox Party
21 August 2008 Nefarious Canadian Social Democrats
21 September 2008 Augustus Baldwin The Norsefire Party of Canada

*The position of mayor only existed during the original beta phase of eRepublik.