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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Organisation Sweden
Logo of Organisation Sweden
Owners Graytuna, Mappo and SwedenCitizen
Country Flag-Sweden.jpg Sweden
Headquarters Svealand
Founded 19 September 2009
Services Support eSweden - its government, inhabitants and foreing affairs
Colours Yellow and Blue

Organisation Sweden (In Swedish - Organisation Sverige) was an non-profit organisation with the aim to provide support for eSweden's government, inhabitants and foreign affairs. The Organisation was founded in September 2009 by Graytuna, Mappo and SwedenCitizen but there were more people working and contributing for the organisation.

The organisation was totally dependent on the donation and contributions from generous inhabitants of eSweden.

The Team

The members of our team are all hereos - working for eSweden!

The Team of Organisation Sweden contained a great mix of experiences, personalities and visions. Their belief were that are all unique and that all have different strengths. Therefore - All can make their best when it comes to contribute to eSweden.

It's members

  • Graytuna - One of the founders. Working with many projects and thins within the organisations. The passion is to write articles, organise eventes and work for new players. International active.
  • Mappo - One of the founders. Entrepeneur with a lot of experience from work for new players. Useful in many areas and with a great sense of logical thinking an important part of the team.
  • SwedenCitizen - One of the founders. Practical thinking, entrepenurhship and activity are some words that describes Swedish Citizen. Ambitious with many future plans for new companies.
  • Larm - A citizen of eSweden that contributes with the normal but important work behind the organisation. By being a contact person - Larm's work plays a vital role when it comes to the expantion and popularity of the organisation.

The Projects

Work in project form is important for good results - both IRL and in eRepublik. Organization started new projects where the members worked together as one strong unit. Every project had the full support of the whole organisation and its members.

Projects are important when it comes to realising the plans. Realising organization visions with help of projects will in the end give great results. In a project - many persons with the same interests, knowledge and strenghts worked together with the thing they like the most.