Outback Republican Party

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Outback Republican Party

Party-Outback Republican Party.png
General Information
Country Flag-Australia.jpg Australia
Abbreviation ORP
Colors Blue, White and Red
Founded October 2011
Dissolved November 2011
Congress Occupancy 0 /10 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Australian Parliamentary Party
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

The Outback Republican Party was one of the shortest living political parties in Australia. Not even a full month after it was started, it was redesigned as Australian Parliamentary Party, which will become one of the longest living Australian parties.


The party was founded in the second half of October 2011 by Nevaonearth. The party's motto was: "Responsibility. Results. Opportunity. Progress." Nevaonearth created the party as an alternative to the other parties in Australia, in an effort to get people to be more honest, respectful, enthused, and motivated to get involved with politics for the people through responsible and honest government.

Electoral Information

Icon position party president.gif Party President

Citizen4567965.jpg Nevaonearth October 2011 - November 15, 2011


The Outback Republican Party stands for government responsibility across Australia, providing results that the people can see, creating opportunities for all Australians, and making progress as we seek to broaden our presence across the eWorld.


  • Members of the ORP shall practice courtesy and respect for others opinions.
  • All members of the ORP shall have an equal stake in the party’s success.
  • Any member found degrading or disrespecting other members of the party will not be allowed to run for Congress (Senate) for 1 term.
  • The communications between each member of the party on the party forums shall be facilitated on the forums by a First Secretary.
  • In the case that amendments or additions are wanted by members of the party, those who wish to amend or add to the official party agenda must do so through the first secretary. After that, the party shall vote on whether it will adopt the amendment or addition, or vote it down.


  • The ORP believes in economic growth based on proper and equally beneficial trade agreements, as well as creating programs that stimulate economic growth on a monthly basis.


  • The ORP believes that in order for Australia (eAustralia) to reach its full potential, we must no longer be a center for attack and occupation. Rather, we should extend our presence across Oceania (eOceania) to secure our own self interests as a nation.


  • The ORP believes that being Australian (eAustralian) should be something that we can be proud of as there is a large lack of patriotism. and replacing it with this: believes that patriotism is a major factor in any culture and nation.

The Outback Organization

The Outback Organization planned logo

The Outback Organization was the planned combination of the Outback Republican Party and the future Outback Marines military unit. Neither of it ever came alive.

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