PBA Developmental League

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ePBA Developmental League
Commissioner: Boy Pick Up
Format: Sports League
Coutry of Origin: Icon-Philippines.png The Philippines
General Information
League Location: Philippines
Founder: Boy Pick Up

 · Boy Pick Up
 · Vincenzo Roque

League Information
Number of Teams: 5
Current Conference: Philippine Cup
Most Titles: Speedo Sharks (1)
Recent Champions: Speedo Sharks

The ePBA Developmental League, or ePBA D-League, is the Philippine Basketball Association's official minor league basketball organization.


The minor league was conceptualized by Assistant Commissioner Vincenzo Roque as a farm for the new teams that are interested to join the Philippine Basketball Association. On Day 2235, the PBA Board unanimously approved the proposal.


New managers who have applied to join the league will be automatically assigned to the minor league before earning a spot in the Philippine Basketball Association. There are also teams that have affiliation with the higher league teams. [1]

Current teams

Key Figures

The Philippine Basketball Association Developmental League is currently led by the Commissioner and Founder Boy Pick Up, together with the help of Vincenzo Roque, Assistant Commissioner of the league.

ePhilippine Basketball Association Key Figures
Avatar Name Position
Citizen6180843.jpg Boy Pick Up PBA Commissioner
Citizen2285968.jpg Vincenzo Roque PBA Assistant Commissioner

Game Venue

All of the games in the league are held in the Maroon Parrots Gym in Manila, which also serves as an alternate venue of the Philippine Basketball Association but talks are already ongoing on the possibility of another venue.

ePhilippine Basketball Association Stadiums
Venue Location Owner
Maroon Parrots Gym Manila eUniversity of ePhilippines

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