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Panteri SOS.jpg

Little is known about them. They come suddenly and silently. They won't give any chance to the enemies. They are... the Panthers!

General Information
Formation Day 624
Country Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbia
Total Soldiers 51
Commanded by m.ratko
Part of S.O.S.
Logo panteri.png


Panteri military unit was established in the beginning of August 2009 (eDay|624), under the command of player Ivan80.

In the beginning unit had only 50 soldiers.

Panteri owned following companies in Serbian region, Eastern Serbia (Medium Iron region):

  • 1 Q1 Weapon Factory
  • 1 Q1 Land Factory

Very hard start, but under the command of the right people every objective can be achieved.

As the time was passing, unit was growing in number of soldiers and buildings that it had in possession. Until now, honor to wear Panthers' avatar had over 500 soldiers.

A lot of work, time and patience is invested in the development of Panthers, but now there are results.

Panthers traveled all over the world and defended interests of Serbia and allies. They helped in defending Italy from Croatia attempt to take-over. Later, Italian ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs joined unit because of good experience in cooperation with our members. Together with Tigers, Panteri defended Indonesia from take-over and Indonesians were very thankful (Serbia, Thank You).


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  • Official Chat:
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  • Channel: #panteri.public


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