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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
National rank 2895
Date of birth January 16, 2012 (Day 1517)
Residence Washington, USA
Sex Male
Political party Revolutionary Party
Faith Atheist
Newspaper Raven Relic
Military unit Easy Company
Regiment 10th Regiment
Position Private
Rank Icon rank Colonel**.png Colonel**

Pap25pas is a citizen of Icon-USA.png USA.


Born on Day 1517 of the New World, Pap25pas is a current member of Easy Company's Tenth Regiment (The Ghosts). He is also the current Revolutionary Party Chief of Staff. He has previously been a Master Sergeant in the US Training Corps' Alpha Company, the Revolutionary Head of Recruiting, and the Revolutionary Head of Education. He has pursued the Congressional seat in New Hampshire on two seperate occasions, February and March of 2012, both times losing to the Federalist and Easy Company-backed Alexander Roderick IV.