Parti Quebecois

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Parti Quebecois
Parti Québécois

General Information
Country Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
Abbreviation PQ
Founded 17 August 2008
Dissolved 10 October 2008 (est)
President Bruno Tremblay
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 8 seats, 12%
Succeeded By Bloc Populaire du Quebec
Orientation Center-Left

The Parti Quebecois or Parti Québécois, was created in August 2008 during the Quebec Separation Crisis. This party foremost represents the people of Quebec.

It had as many as 33 members, and had 8 seats (11.59%) of the congress of Canada in the past. It has since become the Bloc Populaire du Quebec.


Promouvoir aux seins du E-Canada et du E-World le E-Quebec , l'Indépendance du E-Quebec ou toute actions relier aux E-Quebec.

Promote Quebec to Canada and the World in independence and everything else that relates to Quebec.

Party Presidents

Term Began Term Ended Party President
17 August 2008 10 September 2008 Eric Boucher
11 September 2008 Bruno Tremblay