Partia Imperialna

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Imperial Party

General Information
Country Flag-Poland.jpg Poland
Abbreviation PI
Colors white and black
President jahras.rTM
Members 233
Congress Occupancy 6/40 seats, 15%
Succeeds Korporacja
Orientation Center-right
Ideology Authoritarian
Consul Uniqueloo
Tribune Zarkhan
Dux wik5
Aedile Meirid
Censor xivrox
Imperial Quaestor szqlny

The Partia Imperialna or Imperial Party is an authoritarian party in Poland. Actually it has 314 members.

Political Beliefs

The primary objective of the party is to create a strong Polish empire, mainly thorugh waging wars. However, the party insists on respecting military and political aliances and protecting the good name of the country.

More resolute military engagement is expected to help achieving a number of intermediate goals, the most important of which is economical stability. The party wants medium taxes, constantly adjusted to the current situation. Intervention in the economy is also supported, e.g. building new hospitals by the state.


The most distinctive feature of the Imperial Party is its complex internal structure, somewhat reminiscent of the Roman Empire.

The leader of the party is called the Consul, whereas the Tribune is second-in-command. They are elected by all members of the party.

The Tribune has a privilege of appointing the Aedile, who is responsible for PR, the Censor, who takes care of the official forum and the Magistratus, who codifies the party's internal laws and settles disputes between members.

The Aedile appoints the Lictors, who help him promoting the party in the eRepublik press and other media.

The Imperial Quaestor manages finances of the party, while the Army Quaestor supervises the companies owned by the party that produce iron and weapons. They are both elected through a general election.

The Dux and the Preator are also elected. They are in command of the Army and the Preatorian Guard, respectively. The Preator is also the deputy commander of the Army.

Members of the party that are also congressmen are called Senators.


The Imperial Party has its own army, called the Imperial Army. It is divided into legions and centuriae, a schema based on the Roman Army. The Dux appoints a Legatus for each of the Legions and each of them appoints Centurions for centuriae in their legion.

One centuria consists of ten men and each of the Legions is supposed to have a maximum of four centuriae.

The Preatorian Guard is also part of the Army. It consists of only one centuria and recruits the strongest members of the party.

The Army only admits active members of the party.

As of April 2011, the Imperial Army consists of three legions. Legion I has 3 centuriae and Legatus Greek is its commander. Legion II has 4 centuriae with the Legatus pawelssn. Legion N was created especially for new players. Everyone join Legion N first and after some time will be moved to one of the two others legions. Legatus Holokron is its commander.


The Imperial Party was founded in June 2009 after a takeover of the Social Democratic Union.

After only two weeks of political activity, the Imperial Party gained 7 seats in the Polish Congress.