Partido Comunista Chiguire

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Partido Comunista Chigüire

Party-Partido Comunista Chigüire.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Venezuela.jpg Venezuela
Abbreviation PCC
Colors Red, White and Gold
Founded June 2010
Dissolved 2012
Congress Occupancy N/A
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Authoritarian

The Partido Comunista Chigüire (Communist Party Chigüire), was a Libertarian Far-left Political Party in Venezuela, which calls for a Chigüirist Government ruled by the proletariat, which has been exploited by the Chigüire Capitalist.

At some point in 2012, it was renamed into Partido Super Cool 2013.

Party-Partido Comunista Chigüire.jpg Ideal

Fight for a new free and democratic society based on workers' control of the Means of Production.

Party-Partido Comunista Chigüire.jpg Party's Structure

The Party has a social structure made up of 2 Main Positions, and 1 Circunstancial Officer, which are elected by internal vote by the party members, being subject to consideration if necessary to apply Circunstancial Officers (it may be proposed the creation of more Circunstantial Officers positions) in each election process, such charges being described as follows:

Position Function
President Represent the highest authority (*) inside and outside the Party, as to Representation, Delegation, Hierarchy, Politics, Judiciary, layout, ruling, determination and establishment of policy and management of the Communist Party Chigüire. Is responsible for electing the Party member, who will represent the PCC in the Presidential Elections, as well as the Party's Members who will represent the PCC as Candidates for the Venezuelan's Congress.
Vice president Represents the Second Authority in the Party, shall advise the President and meet the Presidential duties temporarily in cases of absence or inactivity. Performs duties as it deems Party's President and/or the Assembly of Members.
Position Function
Secretary General Commissioned to control the Actions, Functions and Delegated actions of each member of the Communist Party Chigüire, as well as the ordered acts dictated from the Presidency of the Party and/or the Assembly of Members, to what would be the political acts of the representatives of the PCC in the eVenezuelan Congress.
Spokesman Party's Voice to the proletariat force and party members.

(*) Assembly of Members: In Differently and Separately form with the Party Presidency, It represents the highest authority inside the Communist Party Chigüire. It is made by all members of the party and its position is determined by the opinion of 50% +1 of its members.

Party-Partido Comunista Chigüire.jpg History of the Communist Party Chigüire

Founded by xeco99, this Party was known for being one of the oldest in the Venezuela's Policy History, taking in its historical track many types of modifications, in their name, position and political definition due to decisions made by their predecessors Presidents, because without a real identification and target, their leaders simply took the decision to maintain its position, or has occurred, the change of the appointment and definition as a political party.

The whole situation has redundant changes during the presidencies of Hector Malave and Apocalypse I who changed the way that the Party had been led throughout its history, extracting aspects and features of COOL policy (from the extinct Partido Cool de Venezuela, ultimately called Partido Super Cool) and the foundation committed to the Extreme Left, establish the Chigüirist tendency to the Venezuelan.

Despite the plans and projects from the nascent and growing Communist Party Chigüire, was not sufficient to consider that their bases were totally solid in Venezuela, since the political impact and image concerning the seriousness, commitment and Projection as a political party wasn't fixed nor noticed. It was not until the presidential term of Uzielg (December 2011), when a true Revolution occurred within the PCC, bringing an increase of almost 100% of its members when taken this political party as a serious and important political figure in Venezuela.

PCC's current logo, established by Uzielg on December 16, 2011, day 1487 of the New World

Icon position party president.gif Party's Presidential History

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Party President Avatar Period
Jackall20 Citizen3243732.jpg Jun/10 - Jul/10
Arenke Tenesi Citizen2149856.jpg Jul/10 - Aug/10
Arenke Tenesi Citizen2149856.jpg Aug/10 - Sep/10
Arenke Tenesi (*) Citizen2149856.jpg Sep/10 - Oct/10
Gary Niguer Citizen2944081.jpg Oct/10 - Nov/10
Gary Niguer (*) Citizen2944081.jpg Nov/10 - Dec/10
Hector Malave Citizen2137220.jpg Dec/10 - Jan/11
Apocalypse I Citizen2602256.jpg Jan/11 - Feb/11
Apocalypse I (*) Citizen2602256.jpg Feb/11 - Mar/11
Apocalypse I (*) Citizen2602256.jpg Mar/11 - Apr/11
Apocalypse I (*) Citizen2602256.jpg Apr/11 - May/11
Alberto Chavez Citizen1578594.jpg May/11 - Jun/11
Apocalypse I Citizen2602256.jpg Jun/11 - Jul/11
xeco99 Citizen4498968 v2.jpg Jul/11 - Aug/11
xeco99 Citizen4498968 v2.jpg Aug/11 - Sep/11
xeco99 Citizen4498968 v2.jpg Sep/11 - Oct/11
xeco99 Citizen4498968 v2.jpg Oct/11 - Nov/11
Saul Montoya Citizen3598009.jpg Nov/11 - Dec/11
Uzielg Citizen3163949.jpg Dec/11 - Jan/12
xeco99 Citizen4498968.jpg Oct/12 - Nov/12

(*) Didn't show any presidential candidate for the party, in this case the current President continued in the Presidency (this it's presumed, and was write that way).

Icon position country president.gif PCC members Presidents of Venezuela

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Period Avatar President Votes - %
September 2010 Citizen3085830.jpg El Conde Lincuente 67 - 69.79%
February 2011 Citizen2137220.jpg Hector Malave 99 – 68.75%
March 2011 Citizen1235171.jpg Jazek 125 – 100.00%
May 2011 Citizen1962330.jpg JPVS(*) 82 – 62.12%
July 2011 Citizen2230336.jpg Talkewa 97 – 62.18%
September 2011 Citizen3598009.jpg Saul Montoya 82 – 48.24%
October 2011 Citizen1559594 v2.jpg Cebec 113 – 72.90%
December 2011 Citizen1559594 v2.jpg Cebec 66 – 38.60%
January 2012 Citizen3163949.jpg Uzielg 79 - 64.23%

(*) Was Impeached.