Partido Comunista de Chile

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Partido Comunista de Chile

Party-Partido Comunista de Chile.gif
General Information
Country Flag-Chile.jpg Chile
Abbreviation PCC
Newspaper mi oPCion
Organization Partido Comunista de eChile
Colors Red
Founded March 24, 2010
Dissolved  ?
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Partido Zippista - Abajo Roto
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Totalitarian

Partido Comunista de Chile (Communist Party of Chile, in english) is a chilean political party formed at late March 2010 by Pato_Flores. It was originally named Partido Comunista de eChile, as clearly states its organization, as a revival of the already dissapeared party,[1] but as early as May 6, 2010,[2] it got the 'e' removed, and it's abreviation changed from PCeCl,[3] to the actual one, besides there is still people that references it as that, or PCeC.


As almost clearly reflex the name and logo, PCC is actually just a eRepublik version of the chilean RL political party, following its ideologies as well, but slighty modified to match the game's reality.


The party has another organization, called JJ CC, abreviation for Juventudes Comunistas (Communist Youths, in english), which owns a newspaper called Juventudes Rebeldes (Rebel youths, in english), where there is published some information about them, but particularly about the company they own, called Billetes al Rojo (Tickets 'to the red', in english), a moving ticket company bought on June 8, 2010[4] and administrated, until its leaving on July, by Xinoo. Actually, 'Billetes...' is inactive.


As of august, the party has just had one party president, Pato_Flores; and has participated directly on country president elections on 2 ocassions: first, just to test themselves[5] on april, by candidating Fenixs; and lastly, on july, in order to support -F.O.I-'s candidate, fawyloko, probably, in the context of a party alliance derived from a proposal publicly made on March 26, 2010, called MAIZ, or Movimiento Autentico de Izquierda (Leftist Authentical Movement, in english). Also, they once had for a while, a congressist, Krustyan, who resigned for some time from Partido Nacional Republicano, at the whole other side of the political bench, on early may.[6] There is not clear what it was for, even if some claims on the previous referenced article states that it was just to "give bad image", or even a joke, but soon him was back to its original party, and obviously, PCC didn't get a seat on the Congress out of it.