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Partido Social Democrático

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General Information
Country Flag-Brazil.jpg Brazil
Abbreviation PSD
Website Web link
Newspaper A Terciera Via
Organization Partido Social Democratico
Forum Forum
Colors Green and Yellow
Founded December 16th 2010
Dissolved July 30th 2012
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Aliança Neodemagoga Progressista
Succeeded By Ordem Brasileira
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian; Social Democracy

Partido Social Democrático (Eng. Social Democratic Party, abbr. PSD) was a political party of Brazil, established on December 16th 2010 by three citizens. Youth organization of the party was known as Juventude Social Democratica.

History of PSD

The history of PSD is based at the will of three non-satisfied citizens with Brazilian politics. They were Gabriel Teixeira Lott, Citizen_Kayne and jjbm, all of them friends in real life. After discussing politics in eRepublik, the three discovered that their political beliefs were the same too, and decided to form a new party, that is known today as PSD.

The history of PSD starts officially at the release of the Social Democratic Manifesto of December 2010, when the eSocial Democratic ideology was spread by PSD' communication vehicles.

União Partidária

União Partdária, or Partisan Union, in English, was the first successful attempt of PSD to arrange a party agreement with the Brazilian party BAZZINGA. The agreement was about presidential succession and congressional elections. The agreement was signed at December 27th by PSD and BAZZINGA Party Presidents Citizen_Kayne and eLegOo. The agreement has received a great evaluation by many Brazilian society sectors when officially announced as "UP!".

Nine days later, eLegOo was banned by multis and the agreement was broken by request of {{eLink|citizen|2882665|Arthur13} president of BAZZINGA, in 6th January 2010. Four days later, both parties decided that PSD would incorporate Bazzinga, what really happened.

First Presidential Campaign - Gabriel Teixeira Lott

To escape of the entrenchment clause 10 of the PSD statute at the PSD's first presidential elections, the Party President Citizen_Kayne has indicated himself against his will to PSD's party candidate to President of Brazil. When the "UP!" agreement was formed, Gabriel Teixeira Lott, that represented PSD in the negotiations was surprisingly indicated by BAZZINGA to run the elections on behalf "UP!". Lott has accepted the invite, but with the condition that this candidature should not be serious and only a way to make PSD follow correctly its statute.

When both parties have passed the mark of 50 members each, Lott's candidature became serious, after many requests of the two parties of "UP!". So Lott worked in a way to solve a big question in Brazil, the Brazilian Tax Burden Reduction Project of 2011, alongside many other proposals, to reinforce the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and intensify the country reserves, as the National Monetary Fund.

Election aftermath

Lott, with excellent proposals, but accompanied by a poor cabinet, lost the elections but has granted 218 votes, or 14,87% of the total number of votes. The PSD won much more popularity in the elections, entering as the seventh biggest party in Brazil and finishing as the sixth biggest party, trespassing the traditional, but declining União Republicana Brasileira.

Party Political Policy

PSD have a strict political policy in what concerns transparency and constant contacts with citizens, specially electors. A policy that is monitored by the party Electoral Department, that is ruled mainly by Article 9 of the party statute.

According to the article 9 of the PSD's statute: "Article 9 - Points like "Participation" or "Activity", "Transparency", "Honesty" and "Popularity" are taken in consideration at the selection of official candidates of the party to the National Congress, Party and Country Presidency."

Icon - Congress.jpg Congress

The party never had Congressman elected, so the party policy in the Brazilian National Congress is not well known.

Party Politicians

Icon position party president.gif Party Presidents

List of Party Presidents

Number Party President Term Term Started Term Finished Observations
1st Citizen_Kayne 1st December 16th 2010 January 15th 2010 First President and Founder. Gave TO in ANP
2nd Gabriel Teixeira Lott 1st January 16th 2011 February 15th 2011 Party Founder
3rd Jaktal 1st February 16th 2011  ?

Party Administrations Record

The Citizen_Kayne Administration - December 2010-January 2011

Administration Started:

  • December 16th 2010
  • 7 members
  • PSD at TOP 19
  • Elected (4 votes)
    • Party Goals: 50 members/have a party ORG with a newspaper

The Citizen_Kayne administration was the first administration of the party. During his term as Party President, PSD grew at a rate that gave the party the title of the party that more grows in Brazil.

During his administration, several party agreements and incorporations were done, with Gabriel Teixeira Lott leading them all. Gabriel led the party to the agreement "UP!", extinguished nine days later by {{eLink|citizen|2882665|Arthur13}, Party President of Bazzinga, as well as the incorporation of smaller parties, such as Partido da Frente Liberal and Bazzinga, that hadn't recovered itself after the ban of eLegOo, former Party President of Bazzinga before {{eLink|citizen|2882665|Arthur13}.

It was also in this administration that the party departments were created to act in specific areas: Finance, Communications, Social, Marketing and Electoral, having also the party lottery "A Terceira Loteria" (The Third Lottery, in English, to resemble The Third Way, one of the party ideologies) to raise funds for the party.


  • Gabriel Teixeira Lott - Party Council - Party candidate to Country Presidency
  • jjbm - Party Council
  • Jaktal - Party Council
  • Mr. Magoo Gaucho - Party Council

Administration Finished:

  • January 15th 2011 (31 days)
  • 140 members
  • PSD at TOP 6
  • Party Goals achieved
  • Successor: Gabriel Teixeira Lott
The Gabriel Teixeira Lott Administration - January-February 2011

Administration Started:

  • January 16th 2011
  • 140 members
  • Predecessor: Citizen_Kayne
  • PSD at TOP 6
  • Elected (30 votes)
    • Party Goals: Achieve TOP 5


  • Jaktal - Party Council
  • Mr. Magoo Gaucho - Party Council
  • FelipeLins - Party Council
  • Citizen_Kayne - Party Council
  • kamaleao - Party Council
  • Pablo Vieira Fernandes - Party Council
  • Nukon - Party Council
  • Joao DM - Party Council
  • Constantino de Bourbon - Party Council
  • Pevic Lima Castro - Party Council

Administration Finished:

  • February 15th 2011 (31 days)
  • ??? members
  • PSD at TOP 6
  • Successor: Jaktal