Partidul Comunist eRoman

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Partidul Comunist eRoman
Partidul Comunist eRomân

General Information
Country Flag-Romania.png Romania
Abbreviation PCR
Forum [1]
Colors red
Founded End of 2007, or January 2008 (est)
Dissolved June 2009 (est)
President PostaL
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0%
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Libertarian

Partidul Comunist eRoman is one of the oldest political parties of the New World. It operates in Romania. There is few information gathered about this party, but it is known that it gave couple of Mayors and Congressman during its time. The days of formation, dissolution and re-formation is a mystery, although it is believed to have taken place in approximately June 2009.

These it the incomplete list of Mayors and Party presidents:

Party presidents

The incomplete list of known Party presidents:

Term started Term ended Note Citizen name
Unknown 10 February 2008 PostaL
11 February 2008 10 March 2008 1 complete term in office Adrian_Popovici
11 March 2008 Unknown PostaL
16 October 2008 February 2009 (est) Long term President PostaL
16 February 2009 15 March 2009 1 complete term in office Smile64
16 March 2009 15 April 2009 1 complete term in office Adrian_Popovici
16 April 2009 unknown Warm 2
June 2009 (est) June 2009 (est) Half term in office sycorax
16 July 2009 Unknown Renamed party to Partidul Reformist Socialist Nero Superbus
16 October 2009 Present It is supposted that he renamed party back to original name PostaL


The incomplete list of known Mayors from this Party:

Term started City Citizen name
21 January 2008 Cluj-Napoca Adrian_Popovici
21 February 2008 Cluj-Napoca Geniala
21 September 2008. Lviv roots