Partidul Patriotii Moldovei

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Partidul Patriotii Moldovei

General Information
Country Flag-Republic of Moldova.jpg Republic of Moldova
Abbreviation PPM
Organization Turquoise
Founded 29.06.2011
President Artur Tventarnii
Congress Occupancy 2/39 seats, 5%
Orientation Center-left
Ideology Authoritarian


The party was created by Artur Tventarnii in order to bring a new side in the political life of Moldova. The existence of these parties depends on a political entity by that name in play.

Patriots of Moldova Party Status

CHAPTER Identity

Article 1 - Patriots Party of Moldova is a form of organizing a group ..

'Art.2 - full name of the groupParty of Moldova Patriots' and abbreviated name PPM

Article 3 - Patriots Party Headquarters Moldova is in the game eRepublik, Country Moldova Chisinau region.

Article 4 - the group sessions and debates take place in the chat: Rizon channel # Patriotii_Moldovei.

Article 5 - Moldova Ptrioţii Party not only pursues political objectives.


Article 1 - the fundamental values ​​underlying the doctrine of the Party of Patriots of Moldova are:

  1. Free expression of the human personality through the full realization of human rights and fundamental freedoms;
  2. Promoting and strengthening the sovereignty, territorial integrity and welfare of the Republic of Moldova;
  3. Ensure sustainable development as a means of achieving optimal social welfare;
  4. Attenuation exacerbated individualism, when they affect the community;
  5. Promote and support the young generation of new players;

Art.2 -Whatever political party units exitenta an alleged mechanism eRepublik game, Patriots Party of Moldova will continue integrating into other political parties with similar ideas but act separately from them. " '


Article 1 - The membership of M.P.P. can be obtained by any citizen of the Republic of Moldova without distinction of sex, nationality, profession, religion, who knows what is Good sense and respect the party statute, the majority of the members apropbarea.

Art 2-internal organization of M.P.P. decided by MEBRA. Party president is elected in the data of 11-12 of each month.

Art 3-Each member has the following rights:

  1. To participate in any activity organized by the party;
  2. Contribute to improving the status of the political program and other programmatic documents guiding the work of the party;
  3. To express their opinions inside the party about any matter concerning the activities of the party and its members, regardless of the functions they hold in the party;
  4. Express opinions and viewpoints on behalf of the party outside the party held only within the mandate of the party.
  5. Propose, individually or in organized party, draft documents, decisions and measures designed to further improve the party's activity and the areas of political, economic, social.
  6. To run and to propose candidates to be elected in the leadership of the party or electoral lists in order to choose the state administration bodies;
  7. To participate and express their opinion in meetings or sessions which are to discuss their own work or behavior;
  8. To resign from the governing bodies of the party to withdraw from the party;

Art 4- Each member has the following duties:

  1. To promote party principles and objectives of the political doctrine of the party;
  2. To participate in organizational politics and party and act to maintain and strengthen its unity;
  3. To respect and apply the statute and the party program;
  4. To carry out tasks that are handed and the decisions of governing bodies of the party;
  5. To strive to ensure the democratic nature of communication within the group;
  6. Not to make public statements on behalf of the party, but within the limits of the mandate entrusted;
  7. Observe strict party discipline, the same for all party members, regardless of game or function entrusted by the Party;
  8. Have a dignified behavior
  9. To combat parasitism, deception, lies, corruption and any form of obtaining illicit income - Clones-
  10. To support the party, according to options, donations in accordance with legal regulations;
  11. Do not rely on membership or positions held in the party or in public institutions, to achieve personal goals or gaining undue economic and financial benefits;
  12. Party members, regardless of party-owned, have equal rights and duties. A decision adopted is mandatory for all members of statutory organization. Decisions adopted by the upper body are binding on all party members.

Icon position party president.gifParty president

Citizen From Until
Zimbrii TMD.jpgArtur Tventarnii 14.08.2011 Actualy
SergiuSky 15.07.2011 14.08.2011
Zimbrii TMD.jpgArtur Tventarnii 10.07.2011 14.07.2011

Icon - Congress.jpg Congressman

25 Iul 2011 - 25 Aug 2011 [2 members][1]

Citizen Region Vots
Zimbrii TMD.jpgArtur Tventarnii Southern Basarabia 4
SergiuSky Southern Basarabia 4

Icon position country president.gifPresident

SergiuSky, was elected president on August 5, 2011 due to banned permanent one of his opponents. During his term, Moldova was the largest number of regions in the early eRepublik before.