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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth 24 Jan 2010
Date of death Unknown
Residence Basilicata
Congress member of Italy
President of Italy
February 2011 – March 2011
Preceded by Paul Floris
Succeeded by frappa10
Military rank Icon rank Legendary Force***.png Legendary Force***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Personal Information

Pashmina born on Day 796 of the New World after reading a Games newspaper that explained the Political and Media area of the New World.

The first days were, as for many, very difficult with an immediate fire from his first boss and a bad battle that brought Pashmina under the famous Under 40 of Wellness! After the first lessons from the game, Pashmina decided to get informed about the games itself and registered to the Italian Forum and started to understand how to survive and enjoy in the New World.

During the Mexican Invasion, Pashmina moved to Caribbean Area. After the Italian defeat, due to lack of money and the launch of the V2 version, Pashmina moved from Mexico to Brazil where he lived for a short time shifting her specialization from Building to Harvesting. After a couple of months, Pashmina moved back to Italy taking her residence in Lombardy.

Economic History

Pashmina started working for the manufacturing sector, but after studying the salary movements in the different sectors, she decided to move to building area where the wages were better. After a couple of months, Pashmina founded her first organization - Dracones Nigri - where she started some different companies, buying and selling companies with good profit.

Political History

During the very first days, surfing in the Italian Forum, Pashmina met the founder of La Giovane eItalia, Rocco Marcelli, and decided to enter the new Party and to start helping the developing of this new formation.

In the first active political month, Pashmina became Member of Congress in Friuli Venezia Giulia and started her career in the Congress Hall. Due to RL needs, Rocco Marcelli had to retire from the active role in the La Giovane eItalia Party and Pashmina decided, after discussing with her right arm Oivalf, to run for Party Presidency.

Pashmina became La Giovane eItalia President in March 2010 and started an active party baby boom. From the original number of 85 members at the beginning of her mandate, after two months of Presidency, La Giovane eItalia had more than 200 members and 7 Congressman. She entered in the Citizen Cane Government in March 2010 as Vice Minister to Welfare during the stronger phases of the Italian Baby Boom.

In June 2010, Pashmina became Minister of Information of the Jean Jacques Benedict de Spino Government but when Information was most needed, during the first stage of the passage from Phoenix area to Eden Area with the Mexican Invasion, a serious real life problem took Pashmina out of the active game with only two click presence for a day.

In late September 2010, Pashmina got back in business and started again to work in the political arena becoming again Member of Congress in October 2010.

After a little period of inactivity due to RL problems, Pashmina came back in the political Arena and after the active support to Shingo Tamai CP candidature, she decided to start her personal "run to the hill". In January 2011 Pashmina decided to launch her personal challenge to the great parties in Italy and she candidates to become Country President against one of the most experienced players in the Italian community - Delexo.

Thanks to the decision to create a super-parties Government, Pashmina became Italian Country President in February 2011 in a very difficult situation, in the middle of a French/German/Slovenian "Sandwich" and at the end of the first "Monetary Crisis" with both the military and economic situation in a dramatic situation.

She ended her career in Iniziativa - Every Single One political party

Political History

She served as a: