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Pavle Orlovic

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Nationality Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbian
Date of birth 8 April 2009 (Day 515)
Date of death 2010
Residence Serbia
Sex Male
Newspaper Kraljevina Srbija NEWS
Military rank Icon rank Lieutenant***.png Lieutenant***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Pavle Orlović - Павле ОРЛОВИЋ, born in 2009 in Serbia, was the member of Spasimo eSrbiju, which was the first party of Modern Serbia. (single-provided country period) and founder of the newspaper of "Kraljevina Srbija NEWS".

Pavle Orlovic won the election of congressmen in MAY 2009 and became a member of Serbian congress.

Icon achievement congressman on.gif Congress


In the history of Serbia Pavle Orlovic won the election with an unusual way, because since May 2009 no candidate won the election with 78 votes.

Only in March 2009 Dositej won the election at the first place with 43 votes.

So this shows that how population of Serbia increases and also how do people believe in Pavle Orlovic who is a nationalist and also a patriot of his country SERBIA.


May 2009 was one of the worst periods for the eRepublik of Serbia, because neighbor country's (Croatian) citizens came to Serbia and included themselves in the official candidate lists of parties with hacking the account of party president. In that time Pavle Orlovic was argued by the media and the public of Serbia because of his actions like founding an organizations in the name of Army of Serbia and trying to arm his people with the dream of liberating his country by the forces of his paramilitary. But this movement was not agreed by the official ministers and the soldiers of Serbia, the country was in a big cous and none was believed in others. So Croats thought that Pavle Orlovic was an outlander that tries to take the control of the country, hence they did not erased Pavle Orlovic from the official list. This was a kind of miracle that was given to the virtual country of Serbia, at the same time the biggest mistake of Croats. But Pavle Orlovic proved that he was the patriot of his country with giving the control of that organization to the official ministry of defense of Serbia. You can read the article here.

Pavle Orlovic, cooperated and worked with the ministers of Serbia, primarily with the President of Serbia, he tried to make some amendments on constitution with proposing new proposals that tried to make the laws just like the previous one. Croat congressmen changed laws of Serbian constitution and they stole too much gold, and money from the country treasure.

Although Pavle said that and the president agreed with his statements, some Serbian citizens DID not believed in him.

Because of that at the first period of election none gave him a vote, although everyone gave vote to the one that guaranteed his seat with the huge amounts of votes.

At the end of the election, Pavle orlovic got, only 10 votes. Although 10 votes was enough to hold him in his position of congressmen, he was not so happy. Because, he thought that he was one of 3 that worked for the future of Serbia in the time of chaos, and he could take more than 25 votes, because of his patriotic efforts.


Pavle Orlovic declared his candidate for the election of congressmen from the province of RASKA.


Icon achievement congressman on.gif 2x Congress member.
 from Sumadija and South Serbia

Icon achievement hardworker on.gif 3x Hard Worker

Icon achievement mediamogul on.gif Media

Kraljevina Srbija NEWS is a newspaper that was founded by Pavle Orlovic. This newspaper published 15 articles since founded and reached to 162 subscribes and hundreds of votes.