People's Democratic Party

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People's Democratic Party

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General Information
Country Flag-UK.jpg UK
Abbreviation PDP
Founded March 2010
Dissolved 2011
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Representation Party
Succeeded By party
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

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March 2010 The People's Democratic Party was a party in the UK formerly known as the Representation Party and the UK Revolution Party. The Party was ran by temujin94 as Party President and his two Vice-Prsidents Dan/naD Wilshire and Cormac Nelis along with a council to make the party as democratic as possible

The Party reached new heights under this leadership rising from a party with 9 members to a party with 28 members comfortably inside the top10. At the end of Temujin94's term he left the party with around 25 members and had given the party hope and believe that they could achieve greater things. Temujin94 left the party with a promise that he would one day return to the party to continue what he had started. Most members where in disbelief that he had left the party after such a successful month, he had only told Dan/naD wilshire that he would leave the party to accomplish greater things for the party by way of a congress seat which he achieved less than 15 days of leaving the party. He left before his full term was up and now that he had left party members wondered how the Party President elections would unfold. Their was to be no drama in these elections as Dan/naD Wilshire ran unopposed as it was temujin94 last decree as Party President that Dan/naD Wilshire would become Party President in his absence. After these elections however membership dived to around 15 members, mostly inactive, the party had fallen down the rankings as new parties began to emerge. They sunk to 11th where less than a month ago they where a very comfortable 8 and hot on the heels of 7th placed SDP. The bad month had finally started to turn around when Dan/naD Wilshire launched a recruitment campaign which brought them to 18 members and a place back within the top10. The party is now recovering but is not in the greatest position and with Temujin94 still serving a term in congress it could be a long time before he returns to the party he brought success.