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Peter McGoon

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Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
Date of birth 29 June 2009
Date of death summer 2010
Residence Kanto
Sex Male
Newspaper Samurai Six-Shooters
Congress member of Japan
November 2009 – December 2009
Military rank Icon rank Major**.png Major**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Citizens account suspended for usage of multiple accounts

Originally born in Alabama, Peter McGoon was a citizen of Japan.

He immigrated to Japan in July of 2009 to avoid the war while he built up his strength and rank. Peter McGoon felt that the leadership in the United States was not capable of effectively fighting the foreign invasion now known as World War III. He enjoyed whiskey and shooting shotguns, not necessarily legally owned, from the porch in a small hut in Kyushu region not too far from the Sea of Japan, but now lives in Kyushu in a house donated to him by KITA Ikki for his long months of service to the Imperial Sun Party.

The Beginning

Peter McGoon was born in Alabama, and worked a menial job making food at some crummy Q1 bakery operated by Best4you corporation whose headquarters seemed to be in Brazil. Somewhat sickly, he took the advice of his employer to move to Florida and use the far better healthcare system there to get his wellness up. After gaining some manufacturing skill, he moved to Japan and never went back, working odd jobs at first, then finally volunteering for work at the Nippon Weapons Q5 factory, a strenuous but rewarding job.

Political Career

Peter McGoon joined the Imperial Sun Party shortly after he arrived, finding their pro-Japan, pro-military philosophy appealing as well as their good organization. He has never held a position within the party, but often supported their functions and election day activities.

Peter McGoon's first run for political office began in November 2009, when he announced that he would run for congress in Kyushu region. Declaring that the "illegal actions of former presidents forced [him] to step up and run for a seat in our congress," he hoped to inspire other immigrants to Japan to follow the Imperial Sun Party's philosophy of good governance. On November 25th, 2009, Peter McGoon won his first election as member of congress from Kyushu region.

During his term in congress, Peter McGoon's former homeland, the United States of America, attacked Kyushu. McGoon asked the Minister of Defense to defend Kyushu with all available means, encouraging him to use up the national Q5 weapons stockpile and gold for tanking. The successful defense of Kyushu was short-lived because President Dokomo retreated the region on December 12th, allowing the USA to attack Phoenix-held regions. Peter McGoon vowed that his new campaign slogan would not be anti-Akki, but "never again" to Kyushu region swaps.

Military Service

After months of training, Peter McGoon actively fought the Theocratic invasion of South Korea. After prolonged guerilla warfare, the campaign ended with Theocratic occupation of the country's capital region, Gyeonggido. Peter McGoon made rank quickly during the war, achieving captain before it ended.

A month later in early October 2009, Peter McGoon was again promoted, this time to the rank of colonel. During the Battle of Kyushu on December 7th, 2009, Peter McGoon achieved the rank of general and did a great deal of damage on the battlefield.

Samurai Six-Shooter Newspaper Logo


As a member of congress, Peter McGoon needed a way to send his message to the people of Japan, so on November 30th, 2009, he became the press director of Samurai Six-Shooters. The newspaper has published several articles critical of Afanasiy Drago as possible choice for Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, tax dodging by Vorph - Japanese Minister of Finance, and critical of the USA attack on Kyushu.

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