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pharaoh revival

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Nationality Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesian
Date of birth 30 June 2008 - Day 223
Date of death Unknown
Sex Male
Newspaper Left Margin
Congress member of Indonesia
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel.png Lt Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Early Life

Pharaoh Revival is a lost twin of Pharaoh Bugil, which entered the New World after Indonesia-Australia War. Pharaoh Bugil, the older brother was one of the May tragedy in Indonesia, which involved Rafee, Indonesian president. After the tragedy, Pharaoh Revival read the news about the circumstance, and found out that his lost twin brother was located in New World.

Pharaoh Revival then entered the world and start looking for his lost brother by joining his brother's party, Partai Komunis eIndonesia (PKeI). He got a warmed welcome by his old brother's comrade such as Pembunuh, Boncos, Rowobujel (a.k.a 8uj3l) and others, not because of the old friendship with his brother but also because of his sharp analysis and also appears to be a major party propagandist. After a while, Pharaoh Revival give up looking for his brother and decided to devote himself as a loyal member of the party.

Military Career

There is not much information about his military career, but his political view as an internationalist made him involved with a lot of resistance war. He was part of Angkatan Kelima unit.

Political Career

Pharaoh revival is born as an Indonesian citizen and a devoted supporter of Indonesian far left party; Partai Komunis eIndonesia. Gaining a public sympathy with his newspaper called Left Margin, Pharaoh Revival was elected as a Minister of Foreign Affairs by the elected president, Vlavin. Together, Vlavin and Pharaoh Revival mediate the conflict between high rank official from Iran and Pakistan which actually have a big impact in establishing a new alliance called PEACE GC which later becomes his biggest regret because he never though such alliance would turn into another imperial alliance. During his service as a Ministry of Foreign Affair, he also actively participated in negotiating peace agreement between Australian and South African liberation movement, and keep trying to maintain good relationship with the citizens.

He was elected as a congress member once, but decided to resign due to the call of Comintern (Communist Internationale) to support Russian independence from Norway's occupation. Pharaoh Revival participated in the liberation war only to meet another invasion coming from Romania. Due to the conflict with the Russian nationalist, the Romania succeeded in occupying Russia. After the occupation, Pharaoh Revival decided to support communism community in Australia and Thailand.

After spending a few months abroad, Pharaoh Revival decided to go back to Indonesia, and support the awakening of Indonesian left movement. With his series of articles tagged as [Dissenting Opinion], he tried to educate the nation about honor and respect between allied countries. His sharp criticism on the articles are triggering the Indonesian policy in retaining occupied regions from ally such Western Siberian Region from Russia, Western Australia from Australia and Western Cape from South Africa. Tired of the government's and citizen's denial (although not all of them reject the idea of releasing the occupied regions), Pharaoh Revival with the permission of the party organized the liberation movement with the helps of the World left movement (Internationale) with PKeI and CPSU as the main supporter.

The resistance wars itself fail to liberate the three regions (PKeI press the RW button in Western Australia, West Siberia and South Cape respectively) but succeeded in building public opinion to return those regions and encourage the stakeholder to revitalize the diplomacy.



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Hard Worker (x12)
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Congress Member (x2)
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Battle Hero (x1)
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Super Soldier (x6)