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Добре дошли в Българският портал

Ранк: 22

Граждани: 8441
Региони: Icon-Bulgaria.png: Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv, Ruse and Burgas ;
Съюз: Flag-Phoenix.png - Icon-Argentina.pngIcon-Germany.pngIcon-Indonesia.pngIcon-Brazil.pngIcon-Portugal.pngIcon-Serbia.pngIcon-Hungary.pngIcon-Turkey.pngIcon-Russia.pngIcon-Iran.pngIcon-Indonesia.pngIcon-United Netherlands.pngIcon-Latvia.pngIcon-Slovenia.pngIcon-Estonia.pngIcon-UK.pngIcon-Lithuania.png
Войни: Icon-Serbia.png vs Icon-Romania.png

Taxband Products Income Tax Value Added Tax Import Tax
Export Icon - Gift.jpgIcon - House.jpgIcon - Moving Tickets.jpgIcon - Weapon.jpgIcon - Grain.pngIcon - Food.jpg 20% 1% 99%
Import Icon - Diamonds.jpgIcon - Wood.jpgIcon - Oil.pngIcon - Iron.png 50% 0% 1%
Government Icon - Defense System.jpgIcon - Hospital.jpg 15% 1% 1%
Сегашно правителство
Правителство Април 2010
Президент Faa5f0645db12174f5999308ac1b555d.jpg Garabeda
Министър на Отбраната Current event marker.jpg cryptos
Министър на външните работи Current event marker.jpg bimba
Министър на икономиката Current event marker.jpg Alexander Matteo
Заместник Current event marker.jpg Meillores
Заместник Current event marker.jpg Georgi Pepelyankov
Заместник Current event marker.jpg Madboycho
Selected picture

The flag of Bulgaria.


World News

  • Party Presidential Election take place all over the eworld.
  • Presidential Elections take place all over the eWorld.
  • resistance wars return control of many regions to France and Germany.
Selected biography

Daniel Dimow, commonly known simply as Dimow, is a real-life Bulgarian citizen. Daniel tried his luck in company management but due to some misunderstanding, he decided to move to military career. It has been surprisingly good for him, if considering his BH medals in young eAge. He was also a Ministry of Defense in Bulgaria before he decided to move to Pakistan. (More...)

Local News

  • United Kingdom is annexing Norway. [1]
  • GLaDOS win the presidential election over Pensive[2].
  • The Party Presidential Elections take place. The closest is the BEP elections where Joachim von Bremen beats Lemuel Gengulfus by two votes.
  • Karacticus defeats AltmerVampire in the Presidential Elections, entering his first term as prime minister.
  • The Unity Party return to power with 19 seats in congress, with the RFA and UKRP in second and third, and PCP, gaining 4 seats, coming in 4th. BEP do not currently have a congressman.