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Oraizan is a Japanese citizen, Congresswoman, PEACEKeeper and current President of Japan.

Oraizan was born late February 2009, and when able to join a Political Party she instantly began to take an interest in the newspapers and political activities. After exploring the varied political parties she settled in the Orange Party, helping it's Party president and her hero Geno Garon create an incredibly active top 5 party.

Surviving the controversies of Empress Day, Oraizan quickly became Japan's most glamorous citizen, renowned for gorgeous advertisements in her political campaigns.
As a Congresswoman, Oraizan stormed into the political scene with a decisive congress win in Japan's most populated region Kanto, receiving more than twice the votes of any other candidate. This success was repeated in her second congress election and beyond.

After dedicating her government career to ambassadorial duties and foreign affairs, Oraizan became a common feature of Japanese Presidential Elections. Always one of the strongest candidiates, Oraizan narrowly came second several times before winning by 23 votes in September 2009; the closest poll in Japanese history.
Always a gracious competitor, Oraizan's political opponents enjoyed her spirit of co-operation with all sides represented in her government.