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"Suggest" and "archive" both link here. Take care to add names under the correct heading!

  • This section is intended to identify extraordinarily influential or interesting citizens.
  • Feel free to suggest yourself, but adding yourself directly is not considered a valid method of becoming a member of this group.
  • When suggesting you are encouraged to explain your reasoning as it will help in the addition process.


  1. Dionysus
  2. Myers11 - former CP (s)
  3. TimVeltkamp - former CP
  4. Daniel Parker - former CP (a)
  5. ElGorro - former CP (s)
  6. Van Spijck -former CP (s)
  7. AndreasIsakkson - former CP (s)

links here go to the minipage where you can updated these entries


  1. Mitch Rapp - former CP
  2. ArtemIvanov - former CP
  3. ElGorro - CP
  4. Van Spijck - CP
  5. Garmr - CP

(S) = Suggested self (A) = Added self