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Welcome to the United Kingdom Portal

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*The Home Office regular news update sheds light on government structure, and helpful information for newer citizens to stay happy and healthy and get involved in the eUK.
  • The Ministry of Defence Public Orders paper displays daily military orders for citizens of the United Kingdom, aswell as information on how to join the British Army
  • Mr Woldy's newspaper, the Peoples' Gazette contains a plethora of humorous, informative and varied articles by the great eUKer - a good read whenever he publishes!
Selected biography
Mr Woldy is one of the UK's most esteemed citizens, having been Phoenix secretary general and a four time Prime Minister, he is currently Minister of Legislative Affairs and more importantly is the currently the King of Britain. He is also and ardent follower of Bobloism. (More...)
World news

  • Party Presidential Election take place all over the eworld.
  • Presidential Elections take place all over the eWorld.
  • resistance wars return control of many regions to France and Germany.
Local news

  • After Spanish president Ramso ragequits, Spain activate UK MPPs and then retreat regions to the UK. However the UK does not attack Asturias, prompting a day of mass trolling by the Spanish in the UK media.
  • Jamesw wins the September presidential elecetion.
  • The United Kingdom has regained all its territories from Canada.
  • The United Kingdom attacks Canada on the 25th, provoking syrup miner anger.
  • John Bartlett has resigned from presidency, his deputy and runner-up in the election, Jamesw, takes over.
  • Canada and UK negotiate a ceasefire for the 24th and 25th of August.
  • The Unity Party win 15 seats in congress, with the UKRP getting 12, PCP receiving 9 seats and RFA getting 8. The Real Democrats win 3 seats, although their candidates ran as members of People's Coalition Party.
  • Canada has been reduced to Northern Ireland thanks to attacks carried out by France and Netherlands.

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Did you know?
From Erepublik Wiki's newest articles:
  • ...that the United Kingdom is one of the largest countries based on population?
  • ...that the United Kingdom has only attacked another country on two occasions, them being Icon-France.png France during Operation French Toast and Icon-Ireland.png Ireland due to the Nitnaa Agreement?
  • ...that the United Kingdom has its own forums which is the place the entire community meets, found at this link?
  • ...that in the United Kingdom, the Country President is usually referred to as Prime Minister on the forums and in-game?
  • ...that the United Kingdom Armed Forces are divided into three branches, namely Royal Guards, The Royal Navy and the Special Forces?