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  • After Spanish president Ramso ragequits, Spain activate UK MPPs and then retreat regions to the UK. However the UK does not attack Asturias, prompting a day of mass trolling by the Spanish in the UK media.
  • Jamesw wins the September presidential elecetion.
  • The United Kingdom has regained all its territories from Canada.
  • The United Kingdom attacks Canada on the 25th, provoking syrup miner anger.
  • John Bartlett has resigned from presidency, his deputy and runner-up in the election, Jamesw, takes over.
  • Canada and UK negotiate a ceasefire for the 24th and 25th of August.
  • The Unity Party win 15 seats in congress, with the UKRP getting 12, PCP receiving 9 seats and RFA getting 8. The Real Democrats win 3 seats, although their candidates ran as members of People's Coalition Party.
  • Canada has been reduced to Northern Ireland thanks to attacks carried out by France and Netherlands.