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The Battle Screen Explained

Fighting is one of the most popular things to do in eRepublik, though that’s mostly because it’s one of the only things to do within eRepublik. On eRep, everything ends in war, be it through neighbours going to war, wanting a resource in another country or because they looked at your sister and you ain’t gunna let that slide. Up to 4 or 5 battles are shown on your main page, depending on how many are happening at that time, including battles your country is fighting, battles your MPPs are fighting and the Order of the Day which appears in an orange box and is set by the CP. To see every fight going on you can click on Military Campaign and it’ll take you to a new page where every battle in the eWorld is shown. The number of battles available to fight in can be daunting, so to find where you can fight which is the most effective be sure to subscribe to the Ministry of Defence newspaper which will tell you where to fight.

Now, when you’ve decided where to fight, click the button next to the war and you’ll be taken to the battle screen. The first thing that will stand out is the big red “fight” bottom on the page. Every time you click this button, your health will lower by 10 and you will damage your opponent’s health.


For every enemy you take down to 0 health you will add influence to the battle and gain some rank points, but you will get one XP point every time you.


Influence points are the most important things in a battle, the more of it one side has, the better their performance in the fight.


When a country has added more than 50% of the total influence in a mini-battle, they receive victory points, the mount depending on how long the battle has been going on. The next picture shows just how many victory points a country gains at what time.


After a side collects 1800 victory points, they win the round. If a country wins 8 rounds then the battle has been decided, and the region that they are fighting for is either conquered or defended, depending on who has won. You can find everything you need to know about a fight by looking at the top of your battle screen:


You should always look at the influence bar before you decide to fight in a battle. If a side nearly has all 1800 victory points, wait for the next round. If your country has the bar all the way at 100%, you don't really need to add any more influence on at that moment. A good rule of thumb is to not fight in a battle where your side is owns more than 55% of the influence bar. Fighting smart will help your country more than any tank you buy.

Just remember: never fight unless you can produce or buy enough food to heal back to 100.

You can recover up to 100-500 health every 6 hours (depending on your town center level) by eating food. To do the most efficient amount of damage, you'll need to use most or all of the health you can get from food everyday. You can buy it from the marketplace, but that can get mighty expensive.

--Betafoxtrot 11:01, 18 March 2012 (PDT)

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