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Why Play

In this series of guides, we will try and inform you what you can do in erepublik if you are active in the community, work hard and have an open mind. However there are many different ways of being successful in erepublik, from diplomatic success to military success and much, much more.

Foreign Affairs

Why is Foreign Affairs Important?

Foreign Affairs in erepublik terms means the building of relationships between nations. Diplomacy can start wars or prevent them from happening. Foreign Affairs is one of the focal points of the game as without it we would not have any of the alliances that determine so much of what is going on in the game on a global scale.
Foreign Affairs is always important in eRepublik, well liked representatives can further relations with countries endlessly. This is especially important for a smaller country such as the eUK - as forming good relations is essential. This game is based on community, and someone has to be around to tie the knots that exist outside of the countries internal community, form alliances and make new friends- HRH Mr Woldy, Former Secretary General of Phoenix, King of the eUK

The Career Path

Step One: Diplomat/Ambassador


The first rung of a career in Foreign Affairs is the job of a diplomat. The Minister of Foreign Affairs will normally make an applications thread in General. Once your application has been accepted its time to get to work. The main job of a diplomat will be to compile reports on the situation in your countries. If you want to stand out as a diplomat, you should talk regularly to the MoFAs or CPs of your countries to try and build relationships with them. Past diplomats have also set up summits between different nations. This is an important stage, as you need to work hard and deliver results to be noticed. You will probably need to spend a few months of a diplomat, proving you are consistent. A great perk of being a diplomat is that you get to make great friends from other eNations who you can keep in contact with long after your term as diplomat to their country is over. Depending on how the department is set up you may also get great experience working with your MoFA, especially if you are enthusiastic.

Step Two: Minister of Foreign Affairs


This position is one of the most important in cabinet and to even be considered for the role you need to have shown brilliant activity, aptitude and dedication in your role as a diplomat. You will be involved in directing the Foreign policy of the whole nation and liaising with the governments of other nations

Being Minister of Foreign Affairs is possibly one of the best roles you can get in this game. The MoFA is in charge of handling their country's diplomatic relations, and negotiating with other nations where negotiating is needed. They will also usually be in command of a set of ambassadors or diplomats, who will be focused on either an individual or small group of nations. In the eUK, you also get the great oppurtunity as MoFA to get access to certain areas of Phoenix; the people you meet are great, and will stick by you whenever you need them- GGRyan- 2x Minister of Foreign Affairs, Current UK Prime Minister

The Pinnacle of Foreign Affairs

Some former MoFAs become Prime Ministers, who lead the nation in every area and our the face of our nation across the world. They make critical desicions in Foreign Affairs like whether to attack a nation. They also play a key role in Phoenix. If you are considered good enough you could be apppointed to Phoenix command, which is the most prestigous role in Foreign Affairs. Phoenix command coordinates everything from the national armies of its members to their finances. Many famous players from around the world have been members of Phoenix command, from Iain Keers to Battalgazi. The highest position in Phoenix is Secretary General, a position only filled with the very best. Many players dream of one day becoming SG, as it effectively puts you in charge of a huge alliance.
The role of PHOENIX Secretary General is the daily management and organization of the alliance. PHOENIX combines a lot of countries in one alliance and without a leader they'd be nowhere. SGs are both diplomats as they are strategists, and they have a say in virtually everything involving the alliance. Everything from cash funds to attacking Canada is done through the SG- Frerk -Former Secretary General of Phoenix

So does Foreign Affairs sound like it's for you? If so, the place to start is the eUK Forums, which are a great place to get involved. Another place you need to be if you want to get anywhere in erepublik is IRC, /join #euk to begin your erepublik journey.

Home Affairs

Welcome to the second article in our 'Why Play' series, the last article was about Foreign Affairs and this time we are focusing on the Domestic or Home Affairs side of the game.

Why is Home Affairs important?

Home Affairs are a key part of the game. Domestic issues cover a broad area, from communicating with citizens, to giving them fun things to do, to keeping player's wellness up. Essentially, the aim of Home Affairs is to keep people playing the game and keep them interested, as well as teaching them how to play. So without Home Affairs, there would be no game at all.

The Career Path

Step one: Apprentice

The first step in a career in Home Affairs is to become an apprentice in one of the wide range of departments in the Ministry of Home Affairs or the Ministry of Communication. To apply, you should wait until the 6th of the month, after the CP elections and then a thread should be put up in the general section on the forums, which are the essential place to be if you want to succeed in erepublik, telling you how to apply. The areas you can get involved in are: Media, which runs the NNA which publishes weekly articles showcasing the best of the weeks news; Gifting, which involves gifting new players food and weapons; Entertainment, which provides entertaining things to do on the forums; Recruitment, the department in charge of bringing new players to the game; Education, which deals with writing articles to help players; Wiki, which is charged with updating the UK pages on the wiki and Mentoring, which provides help to players who want to get more out of the game by learning from an experienced player. Once you have got your apprenticeship in your chosen area, the key thing to do is do a lot of hard work, like mass pming, writing lots of articles and brainstorming good ideas. Whatever area you are in, doing these things will get you noticed quickly.

Step Two: Under Minister


After a few good terms as an apprentice, your application will be considered for an under ministers position. An under minister is in charge of the day to day running of a department and working with the Minister to make sure the department achieves its goal for the term. To be uM you need to be able to organise your team effectively and to generate good results, whichever department you are in. If you manage to have a successful term you should be moving up the ranks pretty soon....

UnderMinisters are a vitaly important part of our government structure. Whilst Ministers will spend a lot of their time communicating with the underministers, with cabinet colleagues or writing reports and articles, it's underministers who keep their respective departments working day to day. Underministers are the ones who generally need to ensure that apprentices are doing the daily tasks of the Ministry. They also need to communicate regularly with the Minister and also work to remove any obstacles that get in the way of apprentices being able to complete their tasks. Inevitably, good underministers will have to get involved in the day to day tasks themselves. Leading by example not only helps with getting the tasks done but also shows the kind of commitment that is required in order to run a department to a high standard. Expanding on this, good underministers should be able to use their initiative. If the general, daily tasks have been done and there is a team of people or even an individual available, they can find them something productive to do. There are always messages that need to be sent and people who could do with assistance.If they can do all of these things and keep the department running smoothly throughout the term then they are sure to be capable of stepping up to Minister level. It's the route to high office.- Dan Moir former MoHA

Step Three: Minister


The highest role attainable in the domestic career path before CP, where you need experience in other things, the job of the minister is to coordinate all the departments so that all the MoHA or MoComms schemes run effectively. The Minister is essentially an apprentice and a uM and a minister all in one, with ministers needing to put in a lot of hard work like an apprentice, help plan individual departments and propose ideas for each area like a uM as well as manage and organise the whole ministry in their role as a minister.

The job of the Minister of Communications is to inform and educate the public. This includes overviewing several departments in the Ministry: Education, Wiki, PMing, and Mentoring. The education department creates articles that provide a wealth of information. Wiki makes sure that the eRepublik Wiki is accurate and provides accurate data, along with tutorials. PMing reaches out to the public, sending out messages to people about important events and needed information. Mentoring helps out newer citizens who have questions on how this all works. By helping out and educating the citizens of the eUK, MoComms hopes to achieve in creating a stronger society.-Stefan1992- Former Minister of Communications

The Ministry of Home Affairs is a very important part of the eUK Government. Involving Entertainment, Gifting, Recruitment and Media it has a serious side to it but also a fun twist as well. Entertainment is there to make the eUK Forums an enjoyable place to part of while Media sums up the weeks articles and awards the best with shiny medals. Gifting is where we supply people with low wellness with some food so the can be a little more secure in their safety, along with this we also have the Get Gifted, Get Guns Scheme, otherwise known as GGGG. Recruitment's job is to bring in a new generation of players to keep the United Kingdom on the forefront of the global map. If you're interested in working in any of these Departments, please message me and I'll sort it all out. If you're struggling with wellness and would like a little boost, please contact the British Health Clinic and you should be supplied within the same day- Lionbeard,two time MoHA, former President

Does home affairs sound like the career for you, well if it does get involved today and start contributing more to the UK!