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The content of this text was made by PHuSiOn9 and translated by DrogbaPT. Special thanks to both.


Dear Citizens,

Our ex-President Draconem, for personal reasons, resigned from the Presidential Seat. The Presidential seat was given to me by admin and by Draconem's recommendation.

I hope that my mandate is characterized by a government restructuring, implementation of various policies for the medium / long term, but mainly for action.

I invite all citizens to participate in the erepublikpt forum as this will be the place where we can discuss and debate.

For example, we discuss:

  • Do you want to be a Senator? What's that? Know more here
  • Hospital: Solution or Disaster? Participate here
  • Are you a PDA member and you would like to be a mayor of your region? Elections day 20th March. Send me a PM or apply in the private forum of PDA.

What will I do?

Shortly I will do:

  • 1. An Economical-Social Plan
    • 1.1 Taxes identical in all industries
    • 1.2 Plan SuperPower (Plano SuperPotĂȘncia)
    • 1.3 Health Services
    • 1.4 Education Services
    • 1.5 Military Services
    • 1.6 Public contests
    • 1.7 Exchange Rate
  • 2. Plan of Action
    • 2.1 Encourage Immigration
    • 2.2 Foreign policy (Trade Agreements and Mutual Protection Pacts)
    • 2.3 Reconstruction

Detailed Description of the Themes

1. An Economical-Social Plan

  • 1.1 Taxes identical in all industries - Proposal in the moving taxes:
    Income / Import / VAT
    0.00% / 99.00% / 20.00%
  • To:
    Income / Import / VAT
    0.00% / 99.00% / 0.00%

This way we encourage this industry which is important to an efficient defensive/offensive status. Only Hospitals have a tax different 0% / 15% / 0%

  • 1.2 Plan SuperPower

The plan PS can be summed in support of the selected companies to export all of their products. Although I disagree in certain points I think it's important his implementation, which it can be amended later as the course of discussions.

The plan PS will start tomorrow (16th March), meanwhile, all people included in this plan will be informed. The financial support method will be of 30% of all salaries paid of February, and this financial support can be repeated monthly, if necessary. This should be in of the themes of the debate as the support method can be changed.

  • 1.3 Health Services

The regions need investment for the acquisition of one hospital, and this should be granted, except when buying a foreign hospital. The need or not of having one hospital is the entire responsibility of the mayor read more

  • 1.4 Education Services

Through the new account of the presidential administration (check 2.5 Restructuring) it will start (tomorrow) the acquisition of companies with quality 1 to allow the rise of skill of any citizen. It will be created a specif topic to maintain updated information about the schools. The schools (companies) won't sell any of his products neither rises his quality or export licenses. The salaries will be a symbolic value, which means, a short value (0.5 PTE?). The management will be in charge of the President. Any citizen interested should contact the administration account with a PM so he can study so later he can be hired.

  • 1.5 Military Services

It will be debated the need to intervene in the weapons industries. The guardians, according to the admins won't be paid any more, so the type of Military Services will be more focused on the logistics and organization of military force Portuguese

  • 1.6 Public Contests

The method that I believe is more fair and effective is invested in the quality and export will be through public contests. For which contest it will be created a topic in the forum to describe the criteria and method of proceed.

GM can apply by answering to the topic with the information required. In the beginning, only two contests will be made. Contests to the acquisition of export licenses and quality. The number of contests will be defined by analysis of the economy or through suggestions.

The criteria to the export-licenses contests:

  • Number of export licenses
  • Productivity
  • Industry, priority: Food, Houses, Moving, Gifts, Weapons, Hospital

Priority will go to the companies with no license and with a lot of productivity

The criteria for the quality-licenses contests:

  • Productivity;
  • Number of export-licenses (priority given to the most export licenses);
  • Industry, priority: Food, Weapons, Hospital, Houses, Gifts, Moving
  • 1.7 Exchange Rates

The exchange rate will be 1 PTE = 0.0008 GOLD and should be maintained by the Bank of Portugal. But it can be changed to protect the national GOLD.

2. Plan of Action

  • 2.1 Encourage Immigration

To start, I think it should be created a board in the forum in English, dedicated to the immigrants. The embassies existant are a good example. It should be started the process of identification and contact with the immigrants already placed in Portugal and invite them to participate in the forum and question the choices made by Portugal. After the acquisition of that information, we should proceed to the beginning of Campaigns like "Bring a Friend", "Work in Portugal" and some others. We should make PMs or even articles in the international press to encourage immigration. I may need the help of volunteers in these tasks.

  • 2.2 Foreign Policy

They are now available Trade Agreements and Mutual protection pacts and the need to establish these deals will be analysed. The debates around this theme should take place in the "Senado" to keep them private from other countries.

  • 2.3 Restructuring

The administration of the account National Portugal should have a republic journal with updated news about the government. This will also be the GM account for the schools. To be easier to contact the president here is his email epresidencia@gmail.com. This account should be used by the Portugal President, and this password should be always changed when it's not the same President in charge of Portugal.

The bank of Portugal will still continue his functions and lead by Socrates Press release in Forum.

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