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Nationality Flag-Canada.jpg Canadian
National rank 327
Date of birth July 2009
Residence Ontario
Political party Military Dictatorship Party
Congressman of Canada
Jan. 2010 – Feb. 2010
Military unit Canadian Armed Forces
Position Private
Rank Icon rank Lt Colonel.png Lt Colonel

Powerown64's Life

Powerown64 was born on Day 616 of the New World, but more importantly right in the middle of World War 3, he was a eFrenchmen, living in French occupied Albeta for a long time. After the battle of Ontario, powerown64 left for the capital of eFrance, Paris-Isle de France, where he then remained for weeks. After realizing what PEACE was really doing Powerown64 left for New Jersey one of the last strong points of the United States, there he met Colin Lantrip, a businessman, Colin helped Powerown64 actually learn the ropes of the game; how to click properly, how to heal etc. During his stay in the US he came across a corporation, known as the Umbrella Corporation, still having his French citizenship, Umbrella sent him to do some intelligence missions over in France. From Powerown64's recent success he got very popular, gaining over 200 votes in a congressional election but even though he had achieved fame, his real life home country called to him.

After swindling Derek Harland to give him citizenship, Powerown64 joined the Democratic Action League, he then remained there for a good 6 months during this time, Powerown64 had become something of a newscaster, with his newly created Mossberg Newspaper. The Mossberg News reported on all the daily events, which were a hit with some veterans such as Tom Hagen, Banach, and even Domink.Even though The Mossberg News was a great hit, it never could last, and it now has short spurts of articles once in a while as Powerown64 allows. Life went on, and in March of 2010, powerown64 created the First eCanadian Awards, the awards were supposed to be held on a tri-monthly basis, and it was to congratulate prominent eCanadians on their achievements, the first show was an absolute hit, getting to about 20 people on the live show held on IRC comparatively, there was only 18 on #eCanSP , the active private channel at the time. During this time, powerown64 became a Congressman for the first time after doing so, he quickly left the DAL for the CPF he remained in the CPF for a month, but he was then called off again by Umbrella. He was stationed in Belgium, where he assisted Manong Rizal in acquiring independence for Belgium, he stayed there for a few weeks, then returned home once again, he then joined the CSD, where he remained for the rest of his V1 life.

V2 Life

In V2, and the newly renamed EPIC party, he has joined the CAF regulars, under the 3rd artillery platoon, and has now began to keep writing his own history...