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Praetorian Guard NL

Praetorian Guards.jpg

General Information
Country Flag-Netherlands.jpg Netherlands
Total Soldiers 44
Commanded by Zeeuwsmeisje


Praetorian Guard NL used to be one of the largest Military units in the Netherlands. It was a private military unit, under command of M. de Ruyter. Despite being a private MU, it has followed the orders from the Dutch Ministry of Defense for a long time: from its creation until ~ day 2486. On that day, Combat orders to fight for Norway against eNL were set.[1]


First years

Praetorian Guard NL was founded on day 1688. Originally it was founded as the Dutch branch of the Irish Citizen Army, and was called ICA-NL. During those days, members of ICA-NL could work in the ICA communes, and would be paid in weapons. This made ICA-NL grow rapidly into a major MU. However, after a while, the communes were closed down, and it was deemed best if ICA-NL continued its own path. The name was changed to Preatorian Guards NL, and the new uniform was adopted. At the time the Netherlands were not on the map, so it was decided that the uniform should make the members recognisable abroad as being Dutch. This was achieved by using the prominently present orange colour.

Turmoil within the ranks

After M. de Ruyter emigrated to Norway, on 8 April 2014[2], a lot of people in the Netherlands became suspicious of the MU. Members, however, discussed the position of the MU, and a huge majority wanted to keep following the official eDutch military orders. M. de Ruyter himself, of course, did also fight a lot for Norway. People blamed him for fighting against eNL, but as a Norwegian citizen he had the right to do so, and the official orders of the MU were to fight for eNL in those campaigns.

However, this clearly was not the end of it. A few months later it came to light that M. de Ruyter actually misused the money for COs probably for Norway[3]. At that time, aside from Trannsvaal also djirtsdew left PG.

A few weeks after this article, eNL attacked Norway, to help its friends in the North Sea Protection Pact. M. de Ruyter, at that time the CP of Norway then used money from PG to set COs to fight for Norway, against the Netherlands.[1]. This incident again cost PG some of its more prominent members, one of which was the long-time 2nd Commander, 071leiden. On the other hand, some of its members emigrated to Norway instead.

In 2018 it was discovered that the new unit Commander is Zeeuwsmeisje.


All soldiers in Praetorian Guard NL (and its predecessor ICA-NL) have to wear a uniform.

Example of an ICA-NL uniform
Example of a Preatorian Guard NL uniform


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