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Prague News

General Information
Country Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Czech Republic
Owner Red Duck
Founded August 2008
Subscribers 31
Content Politics

Prague News is a Prague-based newspaper. Newspaper are bilingual - articles are in Czech and English.



The goals of Prague News were expressed in first article. Provide any news one based on United Slavs viewpoint. First articles were providing informations about needs of the Czech Republic and advices to fellow citizens, including economical and social ones, as well to Czech government. News included also military and political informations from abroad.

Againist populists

When populists from Civil Reform Party came to power, Prague News were one of newspapers where readers should read whats realy going on and became opossition newspaper, attacked constantly by Czech government representatives.

Cooperation in Congress

After populists packed Czech golds and moved to abroad, new president Vaclav came to power. In this era throught Prague News was organised politics, new ideas and advices and becoming bilingual. Many plans how recover country were expressed.

Current status

Presidents news

After owner of Newspaper took presidents office, Prague News became voice of Czech government, however still express also personal oponion of owner. There came some changes as including bilingual articles. Owner had to give up some projects as History Corner because lack of time, however currently Prague News is most active newspaper in the Czech Republic.