Raskol the Malicious

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Raskol the Malicious

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Nationality Flag-Belgium.jpg Belgian
National rank 137
Date of birth November 18, 2012
Date of death January 24, 2013
Sex Male
Political party BEAVER JUICE PARTY and Raskol
Newspaper The Political Cat
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belgium
6th January, 2012 – 16th January, 2012
Served under BrunoCND
Preceded by Djonydjo
Vice Party President of Netherlands BE Back
16th January, 2012 – 16th February, 2012
Served under Yannis de Leeuw
Preceded by Yannis de Leeuw
Eternal King of the Feline Kingdom
2nd January, 2012 – Eternity
Rank Icon rank General.png General

Raskol is born in Icon-Belgium.png Belgium on the 18th November 2012, Day 1825 in eRepublik. Known by most people as Raskol the Malicious, the malicious cat or Lenin Cat, he managed to reach the top of the eBelgian Community in two weeks.