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Dead citizen


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eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth Nov 15, 2008
Day 361
Date of death Summer 2015 (est)
Sex Male
Military rank Icon rank Titan.png Titan
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Raw784 was a citizen of Icon-USA.png USA and Icon-Canada.png Canada.


He was usually a free bird, and did not usually stay in a specific party for long periods of time. He was always ready to help against PTO's when necessary, presidential and party president election days,

July 2014: First and only time member of the congress for USWP.


Canadian period (Nov 2008 to August 2012)

It took Raw784 several months to fit in the Canadian Armed Forces. He took the time to learn the mechanisms of the CAF, and spent time helping his lieutenant (called today Captain of MU) in the 5th platoon.

A few months later, he was promoted to Lieutenant of the that very same platoon. Since his first language is French, he got the opportunity to lead the 42nd platoon soon after. Raw784 was also Commander in charge of the Air division with 3 active platoons, and a Supply Commander, responsible for the supply allowed each supply day to each soldiers. After this, he was promoted to commander of the international alliance EMC (EDEN Marines Corp) for Canada during a consecutive period of 7 months. Later, he was elected to be in charge of the OSS (Office of the Security Services) director for the congress for few months.

Raw784 was also Minister of Defense for 3 consecutive mandates.

After being supplier, he was in charge of the supplies for the CAF MU. During this same period, he was in charge of the PM (Personal management) of the CAF. Finally, he was in charge of the treasury of the national Mu (CAF) for a period of approx 1 year. Supervising expenses of the MU , he was involve to provide justifications of expenses to the congress.

USA period (August 2012 up to February 2015)

Raw784 joined the eUSA as citizen August 2012. Looking for something different, and having few real life friends in the USA, he was glad to participate to the success of the eUSA.

He joined EZC few days later and served on several positions, including:

  • Captain, a couple of times
  • EZC FBI Director since March 2013 until February 2015
  • Quarter master General for EZC since Oct 2013 until February 2015
  • Member of the EZC's applications review team since April 2013 until February 2015.