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Rc Islandlake

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Nationality Flag-Finland.jpg Finnish
Date of birth 02.12.2009
Day 743 of the New World
Date of death 2010
Residence Western Finland
Sex male
Military rank Icon rank Corporal*.png Corporal*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Dec 14, 2009

Birth and childhood

Rc Islandlake was born on the day 743 of The New World calendar. After birth, he spent a short childhood in the hospital located in Western Finland. Rc is a laboratory-made human out of the real human cells. Rc was taken care by a legion of doctors and nurses.

Rc was told about his genealogy and ancestors when he achieved fast growth in being adult in just 1 day after birth. Rc got the files concerning his father and father's father. No mother is known for Rc Islandlake, though Rc things that one of the nurses might be his mother because of tender nursing.


Rc Islandlake was given all the necessary information about the life and technology as a Flash course. Flash course is a kind of memory transfer from a large information databank.


1) Rc Islandlake's first job was in the Valtion asetehdas. He started his job there (3.12.2009) on the 744th day. After a short while, Rc started to be bored with making guns and quit his job. Rc quitted the job with the skill of 1 which clearly shows the lack of interest.

2) Soon Rc found a new job at the house making company called Hirsihuvilat. He started working there on the 747th day of the New World (6.12.2009). Rc achieved 1,5 skill points after only two days of hard work. On the day 751, he reached two 2 skill points. After working hard day with lousy salary, he got tired and quit.

3) Rc Islandlake found right away a new job at the company called Suomi Talo. Rc got bored again and on the day 754, he started to work in Lantapuntti.


Rc's father and grandfather were guerrilla fighters (in Finnish sissitaistelija). He planned to be one too.

Rc's first fight was to join the alliance with Greece (8.12.2009) on the day 749 against Turkey. The first war experience was a good practice of course, even though no heroic acts were made during the fight. The second fight was on the day 750 in the war between USA and Britain on the US side. Rc has fought many times for Greece too. In the battle of Finland Oulu between Russia Arsi was fighting as well on 14th December 2009 / 754.


Rc was interested in politics. If such career opens, he will step to defend a larger Finnish state that holds all the nearby tribe areas once in history lost by connection to interact. For that, he has travelled in Latvia searching for remaining Livonians, in Estonia for Vironians and Setos, in Russia for Votes and Ingrians, in Karelia for Karelians and Veps, in Lappland for Meas, Kvens and Sami's. Rc seems himself as pure Finn (in Finnish that is suomalainen) at his heart for the day he dies. Rc studies genealogy and history. He is very interested in other Finnic languages as well.

Rc Islandlake joined Suur-Suomi -party on the day 750. He thinks that this party is the best suitable for the issues important to Rc. Rc resigned from Party called Suur-Suomi after It changed Its name to Arkyra-Suomi.


On the day 751 Rc founded a Newspaper called REVIIRITIETONEN. ReTi (short for REVIIRITIETOINEN) is a newspaper owned by Rc Islandlake.