Resistencia Patriotica

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Resistencia Patriotica

General Information
Country Flag-Brazil.jpg Brazil
Abbreviation RP
Forum [1]
Colors Yellow and Blue
Founded 16 May 2009
President Vargas Vargao
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0/0 seats 0%
Succeeds Landskillsman's Craft Union
Succeeded By Partido do poder corporativo
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Totalitarian

Resistencia Patriotica was a political party in Brazil. Formed in 16 May, Resistencia Patriotica, aka RP was created by some eBrazilians that left the party Uniao Socialista Brasileira.

This party was previously known as the Landskillman's Craft Union. It had 11 members at the time before is dissolution and tranformation into the Partido do poder corporativo party.

Icon position country president.gif Honorable members

Icon position party president.gif Presidents

Year Month President
2009 May Epitacio Silva
2009 May Vargas Vagao

Icon achievement congressman on.gif Congressmen

Icon - Congress.jpg 26 April 2008 - 25 May 2008

Name Region Votes
Gustavo Chagas Southeast Region 6
Sitenl Far South Region 4
Nosrial Olem Center-West Region 4