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Nationality Flag-Sweden.jpg Swedish
National rank 409
Date of birth 1202
Residence Smaland
Sex Male
Political party Flashback Sweden
Newspaper Cookies in Action
Military unit The Swedish Military
Squadron Pansarsoldat
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Restriction is an Swedish citizen and was born on Day 1202 of the New World. He's an active player both in the politics and in the military. Although he wasn't very experienced he'd become a congress member already in day 1252. He isn't as good in the military part as the politically but he joined The Swedish Military as early as day 1212. But if you would've ask him about the economics then he would probably pass the question as he doesn't know anything about the economy.


When he joined eRepublik the welcome message said to him that there was a Swedish forum[1]. Right at that time he was caught in the game. He began to investigate the place and as he was looking he found a topic that would give away a "teacher" to someone. And he was lucky enough to get Anton100000[2] as his teacher. He told him about everything Restriction would ask him about. Anton explained every parties in details and after that he'd choose his party to be with. After a lot of thinking and scratching in the head he would eventually choose Flashback Sweden as his party as it would match his ideology by a lot. After some weeks in the party he would be engaged in the next congress elections in Sjaelland. With a surprising end result, he had 6 votes for him including his own. Although his first election was great, he wouldn't be as fortunate the second time. This time he would only get 1 single vote. He understood by then that he can't get in the congress only by the help of the party. He needs to get the vote of the people. The 2-clickers. That would be his last election without a manifest. Restriction made a manifest when the elections were about to begin and it was received with alot of support. Although, the elections were very intense. He were in 3rd place with 5 votes. He crossed his fingers as he went to sleep. He was anxiously waiting for the results to show up the next day around 2 P.M. And he won. He came in 1st place with 7 votes whilst the others had 6 votes. Now he would eventually join the congress and discuss. It'll take 2 months again to try to participate.


This is the part that he isn't very educational in. When he joined The Swedish Military he was only 10 days old. There wasn't a lot of wars then. Only a training war against Lithuania. But after a month or so the fun had started. After he got 2 grain companies and 1 food company, he could go to war and actually not be in minus while fighting. After a while he could buy some weapons with his savings. But it wasn't a lot at all. After a while he could spend his earned money to buy loads of Q5 and have a supply with them when the next war gets up. But that was after the Second Baltic War. He had around 30 Q5 and donated around 10 of them to beginners. After a month or two started another war. This time it was the ONE World Tour. By this time, he joined the Boot camp. It's a secret project inside of The Swedish Military. But everything will ,sometimes, come to an end. He would eventually outgrow Boot camp and stay outside. He did not have alot of money after a while so he stopped fighting and tried his luck in the economics now, saving up for a couple of Q5 weapons and 1.79g training.


As I said before. He doesn't have any knowledge about this subject. But he started with his first company within 30 days in the game. After he got the Hard worker and the Super soldier medal, he gathered the 10 gold and made a grain company named "Restricted Grain I". With the remaining gold plus some bought gold from Plato he made another grain company some days after named "Restricted Grain II". The following days was like a breeze. Selling the left out grain. Gaining money. Then for 4 days saving the made grain because he would very soon open another company. But this time it would be a Food company. By this time, his primary goal was achieved. Become self-supported. Without the need of buying and wasting any more money for food. He would make a aluminum mine and a Q1 weapon factory in order to gain some additional money. They're named "Cookie mine" and "Jelly guns".


For the TL;DR guys/girls:

Restriction is an awesome congress member that achieves many things in a short amount of time.