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Nationality Flag-Sweden.jpg Swedish
Date of birth 06 July 2008 - Day 229
Date of death 2010
Residence Svealand
Sex Male
Newspaper Rood Chronicles
Party president of Arbetarepartiet MSAP
16 March 2009 – 16 May 2009
Preceded by The Herminator
Succeeded by Mombassa
Congress member of South Africa
November 2008 – January 2009
Congress member of Sweden
August 2009 – November 2009
Military rank Icon rank Colonel**.png Colonel**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Rhood was a semi-active citizen of Sweden, who lived in South Africa.

He was member of the Militant Socialistic Workers' Party, MSAP and has earlier been party president. He has also had other positions of trust within the party of MSAP such as manager of the party's company MSAP Solidaritetsmat, and representative in the old Internationale.

He is a five time congressman and a well known character in the political life of eSweden. He has earlier been member, chairman, cashier and still is trustee of the Swedish labour union, Svenska Facket an organization with the purpose to always think of ways to improve the working conditions for members of the union.

In his spare time, when he is not debating or discussing politics, or plotting on ways to gain power, or all at the same time he is also a part-time writer for his own paper Rhood Chronicles. He is also the artist behind the, in his own opinion somewhat tacky logo of the Red Army.


South Africa

In the summer of 2008, soon after embarking on the land of the New world Rhood enroled for an expedition to South Africa led by the internationally recognized Swedish communist Mombassa. The purpose of the expedition was to reform the country to a communist state inspired by George Orwell's novell 1984.

In South Africa the expedition met resistance from a similar constellation consisting of, at that time landless Croats, seeking to establish a haven for themselves in the absence of their country and seeking to gain enough attention from the admins for them to realize the need to implement Croatia in the game. It became a fierce battle through means of media and recruitment over which would become the leader of the nation and in this battle Rhood played an important role as infiltrator of the Croatian players' forum.

In the end the Croats however, strong through numerical advantage won the battle and later on they also gained Croatia.

As a result of failing to take the power in South Africa the expedition disbanded and Mombasa and his band of brothers shattered, left South Africa and returned to their homelands. However thou, Rhood did not...

Rhood's Q1 bungalow.

Rhood had grown tired of the unfruitful efforts he had spent on the expedition and after having undergone somewhat depressing "discussions" with the Croatians during the struggle for power he could no longer bare with it. He therefore bought a Q1 bungalow and took a budget vacation on the beaches of South Africa.

In South Africa he became member of congress three times and it was also there that he first met Neppons which later on would come to be involved in the hijacking of MSAP.


After months of having searched for inner peace, Rhood returned from the bliss sands of South Africa, having realized that the feelings he felt was homesickness. He returned to Sweden, his homeland and picked up where he had left off.

He rejoined the Militant Socialis Workers' Party, MSAP and in March 2009 it was agreed, in custom with the party's practice about centralized democracy that he would succeed The Herminator as party president. In April the same year he participated in the presidential elections of Sweden and got 9% of the votes, which wasn't enough to win. After having burnt himself out and after having met a shallow interest for his ideas in the party it was time for Rhood's second vacation.

After the summer of 2009 Rhood returned once more. Confused about his political orientation he did a 360 degree turn around, joined both FRONT and Flashback Sweden and became a political renegade, but in secret MSAP and Rhood maintained in contact with each other. In August Rhood and Dirty Harry created a socialist think-tank named The Herminator Institute in remembrance of the deceased father figure of Swedish socialism and with the purpose to gather the opposition and formulate a new political e-ideology derived from socialism. After a while Rhood reunited with MSAP but in spring 2010 Rhood decided to take a third, longer vacation from the game. He has since that been visiting from time to time to check on the political climate of the world and provide assistance where it has been needed.


Citizen623521 v4.jpg
Citizen623521 v2.png
Rhood's political orientation has changed through history but essential for him has always been the want to see the rise of a socialist communist state in eRepublik. In the beginning during the prehistoric era Rhood experienced this to not be an impossibility. During the time when politics on high and low level, economy, and the military played the same role of importance in the game Rhood still believed that a communist revolution was accomplishable. However though, as the game changed economy and politics stepped back for the increased importance of warfare. Rhood foolishly enough continued to cling to his trust in the revolution even though it no longer was doable. Over time Rhood realized this but after having mourned the death of socialism he had a new epiphany.

Today Rhood is more than ever before devoted to the cause of creating a socialist communist state but with his epiphany he has realized that to reach this goal war is inevitable. He has also realized that the creation of a classless society is impossible but he still believes in the creation of a militaristic strong, sovereign state and the need for the commonwealth to gather around a strong party or leader. He now propagates for the creation of an Internationale and world wide armed revolution and it is his meaning that only when the revolution is complete and no other nations than the members of the Internationale are standing the world can unite and perhaps then create a communist state.


On national level this would mean a long-term mental preparation of the nation's population and armament, a planned free market economy. It would mean organization and modernization of the nations war industry, both state controlled and privately owned and it would mean the creation of vast state controlled weapon stocks. This to assure a constant supply to the troops during battle and to assure victory. This industry will mean a stable economical growth to the nation and favor the private owners.


Internationally it is Rhood's intention to establish the Internationale, an alliance united in their will to create an international communist society. This goal will be reached by warfare and politics and the plan after having conquered a nation is not to occupy but to appoint puppet states, new members of the Internationale. The ultimate international goal is to create world wide peace but as long as there are opposers to the Internationale and its cause, there can be no peace.


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Hard Worker (x6)
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Congress Member (x5)
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Battle Hero (x1)
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Super Soldier (x8)
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True Patriot (x6)