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This page has been saved as historical information from Rising.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

Invader Queue

In eRepublik Rising, only one active battle per region is allowed.

This is determined on a First-come-first-serve basis. Invaders have to queue when attacking a region. When a region of country A is already under attack by country B and country C wants to attack it as well, the president of country C receives the message, that the region is already under attack and that his country can start the attack in case country A is able to secure the region.

  1. The Invasion Fee (e.g. Icon-gold.gif 500 GOLD) will be charged as a deposit at the moment country C joins the Invasion Queue.
  2. The Invasion Queue dissolves automatically if the attacked region changes its owner (e.g. when country B manages to capture the region of country A). In this case country C get's its Invasion Fee back.
  3. When it is country C's turn to invade country A's region the president will receive an alert and in-game message. He can then decide to proceed with the invasion or to stop it. If he proceeds the Invasion Fee will be charged. If he decides against the invasion, the Invasion Fee deposit will be transferred back to the country's account.
  4. In any case a battle will end after 72h if no side was able to either capture or secure the region.

Counter-attack rule

If Country A is attacking a Country B, Country B is not allowed to attack Country A. Otherwise they would just endlessly swap regions.

Country B is allowed to attack Country C.

This rule gives attacked attacked countries the chance to expand their territory in another direction by attacking Country C.

How to start a war

Main article: Rising:Battlefield

War is declared by a motion started by the President of a country, that is successfully passed by the Congress.

In order to capture a region, both the following must be true:

  1. After 24 hours one side needs to have captured at least 75% of capturable tiles.
  2. After 24 hours one side needs to have captured the tile that contains the capital city of the region.

If both conditions are NOT met after 24 hours the war continues in "sudden death" mode. The side who achieves to meet both victory condition captures/secures the region.

If defenders secure a region they can counter attack the attacker's region. They can only do this if they have secured ALL attacked regions. (So if two regions are attacked, and they secure 1 region, they cannot attack).


A region may be retreated by a President. There is no need for Congress support for this.

Definition of attackers / defenders

In order to avoid confusion and misunderstanding here is the definition what attackers, defenders, invaders, and victims mean.

Invaders & Victims

Example: UK attacks Romania.

UK is the Invader.

Romania is the Victim

Attacker & Defender

Invader and Victim take turns in being the attacker and defender.


1st turn:

UK is the Attacker

Romania is the Defender

2nd turn:

UK is the Defender

Romania is the Attacker