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Rob Reid

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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth 25 April 2009
Day 522
Date of death Unknown
Residence Scotland
Sex Male
Congress member of United Kingdom
Congress member of Austria
Military rank Icon rank General*.png General*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


Rob Reid's home was the South East of England, before he moved to Scotland



On the 15th of June 2009 Rob Reid joined the Royal Guard, he was assigned to squad C2 - The Conquistadors. His last military unit was The Legion, where he served as the captain to the 11th Regiment.

Wars fought

The first war Rob Reid fought in was the war for freedom of Germany against Sweden and Poland. He then went on to fight in several training wars between USA and Ireland. He also fought in the training between Hungary and the UK, as well as in the big war - PEACE invasion of North America.



The first party Rob Reid joined was Forward Britain now Movement for Democratic Unity, however, he soon moved to the British Empire Party before, finally finding his home with the People's Communist Party.


Rob Reid tried twice, both unsuccessfully, to get into South East of England congress, however, eventually managed to served one term as a Congress member of UK, as well one term as Congress member of Austria.


Rob Reid worked using land skill for the Applied Grain co.


Rob Reid ran eFootball, a simulated game of football in which eRepublikans are a single player.