Rodney McKay

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DSOrder.png I, Field Marshal R.R. Napier, President of the Military Honours Committee, hereby award Rodney Mckay membership to the Distinguished Service Order as conferred by the United Kingdom Military Honours Committee.

Rodney McKay

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Nationality Flag-UK.jpg British
Date of birth December 8th 2008
Residence West Midlands
Sex Male
Political party Unaligned
Newspaper Quantum News
Congressman of West Midlands
May 09 – June 09
Party President of Every Single One
Feb 12 – March 12
Military unit The Legion
Regiment 1st Regiment (The Night's Watch)
Position Commander
Rank Icon rank Private.png God of War *

Rodney Mckay is a decorated soldier/sailor of the United Kingdom. After serving as the Admiral of the Fleet, a ship was named after him the HMS Rodney Mckay.

Early History

Rodney McKay joined eRepublik on the 8th of December 2008. He joined just as Operation French Toast was in it's fruition, he quickly joined the Royal Navy and was instructed by Will Salmon to join the eUK National Forum.

He was placed in Charlie Squad in Alpha Company, under Sergeant Jodain. After a few weeks he was promoted to Corporal of Charlie Squad due to his activity and contributions to the community. Towards the end of the war with France, Sergeant Jodain became inactive so the Captain of Alpha Company thehorseltd asked for someone to fill the spot, Rodney sent his application and was in days promoted to Sergeant of Charlie Squad.

Military Career

Royal Navy

  • Private, Charlie Squad, Alpha Company
  • Corporal, Charlie Squad, Alpha Company
  • Sergeant, Charlie Squad, Alpha Company
  • Captain, Bravo Company
  • Colonel, Bravo Company
  • Colonel, Alpha Company
  • Commodore Atlantic Fleet
  • 3rd Sea Lord
  • Vice Admiral
  • Admiral of the Fleet

Royal Guards

  • Private, Squad B1 - The All-Star Penguins,Baker Company

Special Forces

  • Platoon A
Military offices
Preceded by
AotF. thehorseltd
AotF. Royal Navy CO Succeeded by
AotF. Accalia