Romanian Elite Forces

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Romanian Elite Forces

Romanian Elite Force.jpg

General Information
Formation 24 June 2011
Country Flag-Romania.jpg Romania


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Romanian Elite Forces a fost fondată de către venix_death şi mib_boby, dar neavând membrii, au trebuit să închidă UM-ul. Pe data de 24 iunie 2011 (Day 1,312), teddi.galardo a adus din nou la viaţă Romanian Elite Forces dorind să facă o UM de succes.

teddi.galardo was a commander until his death by permanent ban.


Member Military Rank eRepublik Link
teddi.galardo former Icon rank Commander.png Commander More Info
Xenia Alle Icon rank Captain***.png Captain*** More Info
Gylda2011 Icon rank Lieutenant**.png Lieutenant** More Info
estefan97 Icon rank Lieutenant**.png Lieutenant** More Info
Horiah27 Icon rank Private*.png Private* More Info
Andrey77 Icon rank Major.png Major More Info
dlinistit Icon rank Lieutenant***.png Lieutenant*** More Info