Romanian Tanks Fund

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This page urgently needs an update! This page is very outdated, and the information may no longer be valid.
RTF Division
Logo of RTF DivisionRTF
Owner malika ela
Country Flag-Romania.png Romania
Headquarters Podolia
Founded January 2009
Founders MoonlightShadow
Services Military

Romanian_Tanks_Fund was founded in January 2009 by MoonlightShadow. The idea is that organize manages RTF unit companies and strategy moves. Sometime in the history, organization change the name to SMART Security.

1st Fight after reactivation by RTF unit was done in Dnipro on 1st July 2009.



Organization owned three companies:

  1. Weapons Q3 company - RTF Back Home;
  2. Weapons Q3 company - RTF Back Home 2;
  3. Iron Q3 company - RTF Iron Q3;


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  3. Romanian Tanks Fund: Status Update
  4. RTF: Prima misiune de razboi.
  5. RTF Upgraded
  6. RTF in transeele norvegiene.
  7. RTF recruteaza

Letters of recomandation:

  • From Anders., Norway's Minister of Defense

I was awake all night and just woke up. Yes we are greatful and it feels good to have friends like you. On behalf of eNorway I would like to present a hope that we in the future can mutually support each other. Greet all your great brave worriers from the Government of eNorway. We will do all we can to preserve the freedom of our two great countries. Regards Anders. The Commander In Chief.